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General information
Leader(s) G. De Souza (possibly)
Notable members Ernst Kleist
Purpose Weapon research and development
Status Unknown
Behind the Scenes information
First appearance Aliens: Rogue
Last appearance

The Z.C.T. is a large company that tried to weaponize the Xenomorphs by conducting a secret experiment called, "Project Chimera", which intended to breed a race of domesticated Xenomorphs through the use of genetic-engineering. The research and development of Project Chimera were conducted in the Charon Base. Rumors of the project's existence eventually caught the attention of several rival companies, including a new Asian-Chinese Consortium that attempted to infiltrate the company on several occasions. Chaos soon ensued within Charon Base shortly after Kleist unleashed his own creation, The Rogue, to challenge the base's resident Queen, eventually causing the destruction of the base and the loss of Project Chimera's entire research.