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Xeno subspecies.png
Xenomorph subspecies
General information
Host type Human
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Distinctions Mandibles
Crimson-colored skin
Notable individuals
Chronological information
First appearance Aliens (series 3) - Issue #1
Last appearance

These Xenomorphs are a subspecies of the Xenomorphs that invaded Earth, David Sereda described them as physiognomically discrete from known Xenomorph populations and theorized that they are either a subspecies or a phenotype.

Appearance & Abilities[]

These Xenomorph resemble their normal counterpart with notable characteristics, such as a pair of mandibles and crimson-colored skin. Like normal Xenomorphs, they possess inner jaws, sharp barb-tails, and acidic blood. Unlike normal Xenomorphs these subspecies aren't dependent on facehuggers for reproduction as they were still able to increase their number, though it is unknown how they accomplish this.


Unlike the normal Xenomorphs instead of being stealthy hunters, these subspecies hunt in groups and prefer to attack head on. They are also extremely aggressive.


These Xenomorphs originated from the ancient mines on the planetoid, Chione, where Honito Inc. had established a mining colony there. The miners were soon drawn by a mysterious sensation that led them to the ancient mines where they discovered an ancient alien ruin. The miners had believed that the city was "alive" and soon discovered six Xenomorph eggs they had believed to be "blessings" from the city. The eggs soon hatched and the facehuggers impregnated several miners while they were asleep. The embryos soon erupted from the infected miners and once they had fully matured, they started killing off the miners.