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The Working Joe is a synthetic model that was manufactured by the Seegson Corporation during the early 22nd century. They were placed aboard the Sevastopol space station to assist the colonists living on the station.

Lacking the investment in research and design to compete with more advanced synthetics, such as those designed by Hyperdyne Systems, Working Joes are obsolete by the time Sevastapol is decommissioned. They are distinguished by rubber skin, glowing eyes, a flat robotic voice, and no ability to change their facial expression or move their lips when they speak. Additionally, they all feature the same basic AI package, and do not feature the advanced, human-like psychology featured in the AI of Hyperdyne models. They are, however, programmed with a variety of self-promoting messages and marketing slogans (such as "You always know a Working Joe"), which they will speak out loud seemingly at random when they have nothing else to say. In general, Working Joes are utilized as a low-cost, dependable workforce for mundane tasks, and marketed towards those who are uncomfortable with synthetics that appear too human.

Amanda Ripley encountered these androids during her exploration aboard Sevastopol space station. She was able to hack one of these androids, which she used to find spare parts in the Sevastopol's component warehouse. The basic models are vulnerable to EMP mines, which temporarily stuns them. However, the advanced industrial model used in areas such as reactor maintenance are not susceptible.


Working Joes are much harder to dispatch than regular humans, not just because they can inflict a large amount of damage with their melee attacks, but also by being able to absorb large amounts of damage. As far as it is known, there are two types of Working Joes: the standard units, wearing the uniform shown in the blueprints above, and the variants wearing flame retardant suits, which reduces the effectiveness of heat and combustion based defense or weaponry, as well as absorbing the damage of projectiles to a small extent.

There are many methods to attack, hide from, and distract a Working Joe within the game. The weapons and other items which can be used against Working Joes are as follows: Flamethrower, Bolt Gun, Revolver, Shotgun, Molotov, Flare, Noisemaker, and presumably Smoke Bomb.

  • The Flamethrower will engulf the Working Joe in a layer of fire which will not kill them immediately, though it will cause substantial damage.
  • The Shotgun is one of the most preferred weapons to use against a Working Joe: one or two shots to the head will render them incapacitated.
  • The Bolt Gun is much the same as the shotgun, the only difference being that the gun has to essentially charge before shooting, which is about a couple of seconds slower than the shotgun and leaves more of an opening for the Joe to attack Ripley if she can't keep a distance from it.However the bolt gun does not require a shot in the head.
  • The Revolver is a more difficult weapon to use on a Working Joe, since a single headshot from the revolver will not kill them like most other projectile weapons; it instead requires four bullets to the head, sometimes more, for the player to kill them.
  • Flares, Noisemakers, Molotovs, and explosives are undoubtedly of use against these units: they are highly likely to investigate these items out of concern and curiosity once any of them sets off (it is unknown if smoke bombs distract them as of yet).
  • Alternatively, one can conserve ammo by using the Stun Baton to temporarily disable the Working Joe's movement, allowing the player a chance to kill them with their melee weapon, though it is crucial that caution be taken when getting within melee range. They can be a very challenging threat when in too close of a proximity to the player, especially in groups.


(There are still quotes missing from this list which will be cataloged once heard or found, this is far from the completed list.)

●Upon free roaming in friendly mode

"How may I help you?"

"You are carrying some dangerous items."

"I don't believe I've had the pleasure."

"Seegson and Sevastopol, an outpost of progress."

"Your presence has been logged."

"We don't forget the little details when seeing the big picture."

"To laugh is to...Hmm..Yes."

"Seegson. Tomorrow, together."

"What do you need to do today?"

"Good day."

"If my services do not meet Seegson"s standards please log a complaint."

"You always know a Working Joe."

"Why not ask me about Sevastopol's safety protocols?" (Also when chasing)

●Upon free roaming in hostile mode

"I am inexpensive, I am reliable, you know my face, the Working Joe."

"All visiting corporate representatives must report to the nearest synthetic."

"Interested in our Working Joe android range? Talk to Seegson."

"We hope you'll join us for the journey." (Also free roaming in friendly mode)

"APOLLO and the Working Joe. Working together throughout Sevastopol."

"If you find this facility in a state that isn't to your liking, please let us know."

"With Seegson there's someone behind you, helping you, every single step of the way." (Also free roaming in friendly mode)

"APOLLO is reporting a good service throughout Sevastopol."

"We are experiencing a hightened Hazard Containment Level today."

"APOLLO and the Working Joe. Working together for a safer, better connected Sevastopol."(Also free roaming in friendly mode)

●Upon seeing the player

"I heard that. You're getting careless."

"This requires my assistance."

"What are you doing here?"

"Protected area compromised."

"This is a restricted area."

"You really shouldn't be here."

"Come with me, please."

"What was that sound?"

"Follow me please."

"Something amiss?"


"Is anybody here?"

"Hello? Who's there?"

"I knew you were still here. You're going to have to be more careful."


●Upon noticing items both specific an non-specific dropped and/or thrown by the player

"A gun. I should investigate."

"A potential hazard."

"I'll get to the bottom of this."

"This really won't do."

"Another problem?"

"What are you playing at?"

"This is impinging on my schedule."

"Unprotected flames are extremely dangerous and entirely unadvisable."

"That's odd."

"Who's responsible for this?"

"An unauthorised use of lighting equipment."

"This shouldn't be here."

"Pyrotechnic lighting. I should investigate."

"I'll assume that didn't combust all on its own."

"There will be an accident." (possibly when chasing as well)

"Was that you?"

"This usually doesn't happen."

"These items carry notable health risks when alight and inhaled."

"Who would like to tell me where this came from?"

"What have we here?"

"Does this belong to you?"

"Now, where did that come from?"

"Do not damage Seegson property."

"What's this?"

"You could have hurt someone."

"Be careful with that."

"You're going to hurt yourself."

"Have you been misbehaving?"

"That was an expensive mistake."

●Upon noticing a Xenomorph

"What are you?"

"Hazard Containment Breach logged."

"Unidentified species."

"Logging report to APOLLO."

●Upon investigating/searching for player

"Something still amiss here."

"I will find you, you know."

"Ah there, you can't hide forever."

"I have been very patient with you so far."

"Are you playing a game with me?"

"I know you're here. Come out please."

"I am unable to locate you."

"Seegson politely requests that you come back."

"This is a security breach and will not be tolerated."

"This area is restricted, and I know you're here."

"Come out, come out, wherever you are."

"When I find you we can discuss all this."

"There's no reason to be shy."

"I know you're there."

"Come out please."

"Seegson protocols demand that I find you immediately."

"So tiresome. Come out please."

"I'm sure someone's here."

"I've got all day you know."

"Unexplained disturbances are most troubling."

"I can wait. I can wait for you for a very long time."

"I'm a very sophisticated machine. I will find you."

"I need to speak to you."

"It appears to be coming form the vents."

●Upon giving up or halting investigation/searching

"A synthetic's work is never done."

"Back to work."

"Another clear waste of Seegson's time."

"Abandoning search routines."

"Core duties have been neglected. For no gain."

"Gone. How inconsiderate."

"Tch. Service support ticket removed from queue."

"Now. Where was I?"

"A pity I couldn't be of service."

"Facility now clear. APOLLO informed."

"I'll have to report this you know."

"Existing tasks have a higher priority."

"APOLLO wil require a detailed report."

"APOLLO informed."

"I have other concerns."

"Returning to assigned tasks."

"A wild goose chase. As suspected. "

"Gone. a waste of both our time."

●Upon attacking the player as well as when being attacked

"I've been looking for you." - Upon finding the player within a locker

"Found you." -Upon finding the player within a locker

"Let me help you." -Attacking

"Where are you going?" -Attacking from the floor

"Please, calm down" - Attacking

"You are becoming hysterical." - Attacking

"Are you quite finished?" - Attacking

"Now, now." - Being attacked

"I hope that firearm is registered." -Being attacked

"There's no need for this." -Being attacked

"I'll asume you have a permit for that weapon." -Being attacked

"That is a breach of multiple security directives." -Being attacked

"This isn't the answer." -Being attacked

"This is futile." - Being attacked

"My turn now." - Being attacked

"Really?" - Being attacked

"Unwarranted." - Being attacked

"That stings." - Being attacked

"Tut tut." - Being attacked

"Don't do that." - Being attacked

"I am built to withstand temperatures of up to 1,210 degrees." -Being attacked with flamethrower or molotov

"Only wild animals fear fire." -Being attacked with flamethrower or molotov

●Upon chasing the player through the facility

"Don't run."

"You really should be more careful."

"Running causes accidents."

"I'm going to catch you."

"This is an entirely unauthorised alert. Please stop interfering."

"You are trying my patience."

"You and I are going to have a talk about safety."

"Why not ask me about Sevastopol's safety protocols?" (Also when free roaming in friendly mode)

"I just want to help you."

"You are making me waste company time."

"It appears you and I have a problem."

"I'm sure this is a misunderstanding."

"You're not allowed in there." - Upon seeing the player crawl onto a vent

"I'm not crawling in there after you." - Upon seeing the player crawl into a vent

"Get out of the vent system please." - Upon seeing the player crawl into a vent

●Upon killing the player and/or NPCs as well as when being killed

"Good day."

"As I thought. Unfortunate."

"Hmm. Far behind repair."

"I only wanted to help."

"Let's resolve this amicably." - Only heard when killing Hughes

"Hold still." - Only heard when killing Waits

"To sleep, perchance to dream..." - When being killed

"Pity." - when you or NPCs are killed