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Walter Golic was a prisoner of Fiorina 161. He was found guilty of 32 murders and 13 accounts of arson. Golic is seen generally as an outcast in the prison.


Encounter with the "Dragon"[]

On a watch he, Boggs and Rains check out a flickering flame in the tunnel system. However, Rains and Edward Boggs are attacked and killed by the Alien. He is the only survivor of the attack. Finding that he is the only one to come back in the mess hall alone with blood splattered on his face, Andrews and the other prisoners subdue Golic in the prison mess hall and forcibly dress him in a straight jacket. He is taken to the infirmary where he insists he did not kill the two, but a "dragon" killed them. Later on, Jonathan Clemens is killed, and ignores Ripley in front of Golic, who only watches and mutters, "Magnificent".

Freeing the "Dragon"[]

When Harold Andrews is killed, the prisoners take action and manage to trap the xenomorph into the waste room. He is freed by Morse, whom he knocks out and goes over to the waste room where Arthur stood guard. He tells him he was going to set the beast free. He believed it talked to him and told him to set it free telepathically. He slashed Arthur's throat and opened the door. The "dragon" killed Golic and ran free.

Personality & Traits[]

Walter Golic was a mentally unstable murderer who was not well liked even when he was stabilized. Robert Morse is one of the few friends he has, despite everyone else disliking him, fearing that he may well still be insane. According to inmates Boggs and Rains, Golic smelled badly due to poor personal hygiene, and the two refused to work with him, a situation that was resolved by Leonard Dillon, who wanted to prevent disharmony among the inmates.


  • In the theatrical version of Alien 3, Golic's fate was left ambiguous as he is no longer seen in the film after the Dragon killed Clemens, his fate was further expanded in the extended version of the film.