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Waits was a Marshal of the Colonial Marshal Bureau on Sevastopol. When a Xenomorph Drone got aboard Sevastopol in the same year, Waits' team struggled to keep order. At one point, Waits took a team to investigate a sighting of the Drone, but the entire team was quickly wiped out by the Xenomorph, bar Waits.

He was killed by one of the Working Joe synthetics sent to the Bureau by APOLLO, who was following Weyland-Yutani's Special Order 939.


Prior History[]

Waits served as a Marshal of the Colonial Marshal Bureau aboard the orbital trading station Sevastopol Station. Shortly after the Seegson Corporation decommissioned Sevastopol, the salvaging ship Anesidora approached the station seeking medical assistance for one of their crew member, Foster. Waits was hesitant to let the salvaging ship dock into Sevastopol, but let them do so due to them carrying the Nostromo's flight recorder and soon contacts Weyland-Yutani, expecting to receive a reward for turning it in. Unknown to the Marshal, Foster had been infected with a Xenomorph embryo gestating within her, which later erupted from her while she was being treated at San Cristobal.

Maintaining Order[]

After the Xenomorph erupted from Foster and escaped, Waits had the Anesidora's Captain, Marlow, along with his crew arrested for bringing a foreign creature into Sevastopol and had San Cristobal quarantined. The Xenomorph soon matured into a Drone and began to abduct the station's inhabitants one by one. Waits and his team struggled to keep order aboard the station. Deaths and disappearances were marked by a red pin on a map in the Colonial Marshal Bureau headquarters. At some point, Seegson Working Joe 937, designation "Chuck" reported to APOLLO, Sevastopol's mainframe, that the Colonial Marshal ability to contain the unrest was poor, and that "official reports" indicated that Waits had a drastically reduced force under his command. Waits was also flagged as a person of interest by a Seegson executive mandate and was supposed to be watched closely.

Hunting the Alien[]

At some point, Waits' team received a sighting of the Drone near engineering; Waits, armed with a shotgun, brought the last of his men — Turner, Garcia and Harris — to investigate. The team found two dead and a locked door and Wait's team was getting antsy. Turner called the mission a "fool's errand", but Waits responded by telling him that he forgot "the thing pinned to your chest" and that they have a duty to hunt the "thing" down before it kills anyone else. Turner then told Waits that the population didn't even recognize their authority anymore and had no faith in them and that the team was unsure if their weapons could even kill and know nothing about "it", but Waits asked if Turner wanted to run off like Ross and if he wanted to turn in his badge and ditch them.

Garcia then managed to open the locked door, but the Xenomorph was waiting on the other and quickly killed him, before impaling Harris with its tail. Waits ordered Turner to fire, forcing the Drone back into the doorway, Turner quickly sealing the door when Waits shouted "Now!" However, the Drone moved above them via the vents, knocking out a grate and dragging Turner into the vents, blood raining from the vent. Waits then shouted at the Drone to come back, asking, "What about me?"


Six hours later, in the room with the map, Waits added Garcia, Harris and Turner's pins to the map. Waits adjusted his badge and then left the room, armed with his shotgun. Later, in habitation, he found Chuck, who had just killed Clark. Chuck asked if he could "help" Waits and said "You know, you shouldn't really be...", but was shot by Waits' shotgun, decapitating the synthetic. Waits then walked away, saying, "Damn androids."

New Arrivals[]

After the crew of the Torrens arrived on the station, Waits and Ricardo found Christopher Samuels and Nina Taylor. Amanda Ripley arrived later joined the group with medical supplies for Taylor. Waits explained to Ripley that the Alien was brought on board the station by Marlow, the captain of the Anesidora, the ship that found the Nostromo's flight recorder.

The group went to the Colonial Marshal Bureau, where Ripley spoke with Marlow, who was being kept in a cell by Waits because of his refusal to follow quarantine procedures.

After Ripley finished talking to Marlow, she joined Waits' plan to contain the Alien by luring it to the Gemini Exoplanet Solutions module, a remote section of the station, then sealing it inside. However, once the Alien was contained, Waits ejected the module from the station with Ripley still inside, but she managed to find an EVA suit and eject herself from the module to return back to Sevastopol, while the Alien was left behind in the jettisoned module as it fell into KG348.

With the Alien disposed of, the situation aboard the station appeared back under control, but the station's androids abruptly began hunting down and killing the station's human inhabitants, including Waits and his remaining men. As Waits was being killed by an android, Ripley overheard the struggle via her headset, and when she later returned to the Bureau, she discovered Waits' corpse.