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John Vriess was the ship's engineer aboard the Betty.


Early life[]

Vriess was paraplegic (disabled from the waist down) as a result of shrapnel injuries sustained on the swamp planet Kawlang and bound to a wheelchair.

Incident onboard the Auriga[]

He was involved with the crew when they stole the hypersleep tubes of several refinery workers and delivered them to the USM research ship The Auriga. During the Xenomorph outbreak, he was able to drive away a lone Xenomorph and reunite with the rest of the crew.

He along with the surviving crewmembers eventually reached the Betty, but are confronted by Dr. Wren. Purvis, the survivor they rescued while venturing the Auriga sacrificed himself and killed Wren using the Chestburster gestating within him. He along with Johner the piloted the Betty to safety and heads for Earth.

Personality & Traits[]

He is apparently good friends with Christie and seems to have a strong friendship with Call, who is relatively new to the group.