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Vincent DiStephano was one of the Security Officers who was stationed on the USM Auriga.


He was one of the guards at hand when General Perez, the commanding officer of the USM Auriga, ordered him and the other guards to arrest the crew of The Betty. This sparked a conflict between the mercenaries and the guards. The mercenaries won in the end, taking Dr. Wren and DiStephano hostage. The captive specimens escaped shortly thereafter, making them all partners in order to escape. DiStephano eventually earned the trust of the Betty soldiers and fought along side them, choosing to defend them against Wren in the face of his treachery.

He along with the surviving crew members eventually reached the Betty, but are confronted by Dr. Wren. Purvis, the survivor they rescued while venturing the Auriga sacrificed himself and killed Wren using the chestburster gestating within him. DiStephano was killed when he went to check on Call and got his head crushed by the Newborn.