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Vic Jones was a shuttle pilot working for the Kelland Mining Company. In 2159 he was stationed on LV178, where he served to ferry miners between the mine complex and the DSMO Marion in orbit above. He was present when the miners on the planet stumbled upon a large number of Xenomorphs deep underground in the mines.

Jones was killed by Xenomorphs that stowed away aboard the Samson, which he had piloted in a failed attempt to escape the planet.


When Xenomorphs overran the mining teams on LV178, Jones and six others attempted to escape the planet in the Samson. Unknown to Jones, his passengers had already been impregnated with Chestbursters, and they began to emerge during the flight. By the time the shuttle reached the Marion and docked under autopilot, only a traumatized Jones survived, along with four Xenomorphs. Having seen the creatures on board via the shuttle's security cameras, the Marion's crew made no attempt to board the Samson and sealed the doors, trapping Jones on board with the rapidly maturing Aliens. Initially Jones was left unharmed by the Xenomorphs and they simply ignored him, resting motionless in the main cabin, but after some time, for reasons unexplained, they dragged him into the back of the ship and brutally killed him.