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USS Sephora

The USS Sephora was a Conestoga-Class military vessel used by the United States Colonial Marine Corps to investigate the loss of Ripley and USCMs on Acheron (LV-426).

On arrival the USS Sephora docks alongside the USS Sulaco. The Sephora's marines are investigating the Sulaco in teams while a Xenomorph infestation is occuring aboard the Sulaco.

In the level Battle for Sulaco the Sephora was destroyed after the Sulaco weapon systems were activated by Weyland-Yutani PMC soldiers, first exploding then finally crashing to the surface of LV-426 along with the Sulaco in the level Sulaco Falls.



  • In Aliens: Colonial Marines gameplay the Sulaco and Sephora can be seen burning on the surface not far from Hadley's Hope in the level No Hope in Hadley's.
  • In Aliens: Infestation the Sulaco and Sephora are also in orbit around LV-426 but the spacecrafts survive the campaigns.
  • In Aliens: Infestation a different squad is sent to the surface then in Aliens: Colonial Marines with a player being able to choose one of nineteen marines making up part of Six-one squad with help from Fox-six squad.