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The USS Legato, designated 31-496, was a Weyland-Yutani advanced research transport spacecraft. The Legato was primarily used as a transport vessel for the captured colonists which were delivered to Origin Facility to be used as hosts for Xenomorphs.

The Legato was ultimately destroyed in 2179 when Lisbeth Hutchins, trying to avenge her parents' deaths at the hands of Weyland-Yutani, initiated the ship's self destruct system by taking the ship's coolant offline.


In 2179, the USS Legato intercepted the USS Sulaco. When the Legato was attached to the Sulaco with an umbilical, a Xenomorph outbreak occurred on both ships, killing many of the captured colonists and Weyland-Yutani PMCs aboard the Legato. Two colonists, Samwell Stone and Turk managed to escape the Legato and board the Sulaco. While aboard the Sulaco, Stone used one of Sulaco's weapons to destroy the umbilical connecting the ships just as the Legato's self destruct system, which had been activated by Lisbeth Hutchins, detonated destroying the Legato.