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Turk was a passenger aboard the USS Legato when the vessel was illegally taken over by Weyland-Yutani personnel for the purpose of experimenting with Xenomorph specimens. He later died in an EEV crash landing on Fiorina "Fury" 161 when the support beam impaled and crushed him while he lay trapped inside Hicks' cryotube, as a result of the severe damage done to his face, he was mistaken for Dwayne Hicks.


Escaping the Legato[]

Turk and his accomplice Samwell Stone were on their way to the umbilical connecting the Legato to the USS Sulaco when the two saved Lisbeth Hutchins from a Weyland-Yutani employee (that also just saved Lisbeth by killing a Warrior) when Stone knocked the employee out. Stone and Turk then told Lisbeth of their plan to board the Sulaco in search of military aid. Turk, Lisbeth and Stone then proceeded through the ship, avoiding Xenomorphs, PMCs and bypassing Remote Sentry Turrets until they got to the umbilical connecting the two ships. Stone tried to convince Lisbeth to follow him and Turk to the Sulaco but Lisbeth refused and continued on her search to find her parents in Level-3 Bay-4.

The Sulaco[]

Turk and Stone proceeded to board the docked USS Sulaco via the umbilical as they been followed by Xenomorphs from outside the umbilical. There they found the damaged Synthetic Bishop, Corporal Hicks, Lt. Ripley and Newt in cryosleep; they promptly woke Hicks in the hope of obtaining some answers. Before they could question him, they hid and ambushed three Weyland-Yutani PMCs by surprise, however, one of them managed to beat Turk and threw him into Hicks' stasis tube and locked him inside. During the fight, stray gunfire from one of PMC's M39 Submachine Gun grazed the Facehugger that was attached to Ripley's face, spilling its acid blood onto the sub-floor and starting an electrical fire. As a result of the fire, the occupied stasis tubes (including the one holding Turk) were loaded into a Type 337 EEV and ejected from the ship.

The EEV eventually crash-landed on Fiorina "Fury" 161, splashing down off the coast near the planet's Class C Work Correctional Unit; Turk was killed in the crash when he was partially crushed and impaled by a loose support beam, with the injuries he received rendering him unidentifiable. As a result, he was mistaken for Hicks by Ellen Ripley and Andrews, his body was taken to the morgue for investigation. During a funeral, Turk's body was cremated, alongside Newt's corpse, in a furnace.


  • Turk represents a significant retcon in the Alien franchise. In Alien 3, Hicks was said to have been killed on Fiorina 161, yet Stasis Interrupted later changed the male victim of the EEV crash in that film to Turk, while Hicks was still alive after waking from stasis and being taken into Weyland-Yutani custody.