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Part One

The Nostromo crew having breakfast together in the dining room shortly after awakening from statis.
Brett This is the worst shit I've ever seen, man.
Parker What you say? You got any biscuits over there?
Ripley Here's some cornbread.
Parker Cornbread. Yeah.
Lambert I am cold.
Parker Still with us, Brett?
Brett Right.
Kane Oh, I feel dead.
Parker Anybody ever tell you you look dead, man?
Brett [Laughs.]
Parker Oh, yeah. Right! I just forgot something, man. Uh, before we dock, I think we ought to discuss the bonus situation.
Brett Right, right.
Parker Brett and I, we think we ought to, we deserve full shares. Right?
Brett You see, Mr. Parker and I feel that the bonus situation has never been on a, an equitable level.
Dallas Well, you get what you contracted for like everybody else.
Brett Yes, but everybody else gets more than us.
An electronic signal goes off interrupting the conversation.
Ash Dallas, "MOTHER" wants to talk to you.
Dallas Yeah, I saw it. Yellow lights for my eyes only. OK, get dressed, huh? Parker?
Parker I haven't finished my coffee. Its the only thing good on this ship.
Dallas enters the interface room to communicate with "MOTHER".
Dallas Morning, "MOTHER".
The Nostromo's crew make preparations on the ship's cockpit.
Ripley Right?
Kane Ok. Plug us in.
Ash Thank you.
Lambert Where is Earth?
Kane You should know.
Ripley Its not our system.
Kane Scan.
Lambert [Sighs.] I cant believe this.
Kane Contact traffic control.
Lambert This is commercial towing vehicle Nostromo, out of the Solomons, registration number 180924609, calling Antarctica traffic control. Do you read me? Over. Commercial towing vehicle Nostromo, out of the Solomons. Registration number 180924609.
Ripley Nothing.
Kane Keep trying.
Ripley Calling Antarctica traffic control. Do you read me, Antarctica? Over. (x2)
Lambert I've found it, just short of Zeta II Reticuli. We haven't reached the outer rim yet.
Kane That's hard to believe.
Lambert What the hell are we doing out here?
Kane Don't know. What the hell are you talking about?
Ripley That's not our system.
Lambert I know that.
The scene cuts to Parker and Brett having a conversation while heading for the crew's meeting.
Parker Listen, do you ever notice how they never come down here? This is where the work is, right? Same reason we get a half share to their one.

Our time is their time.

Brett Same old shit, man.
Parker I think I know why they don't come down. Its because of you. You have no personality.
The crew gather for a meeting at the dining room.
Parker You happen to be in my seat. Can I have it?
Ash Yes. Of course. Sorry.
Parker What's happening now, baby?
Dallas Well, some of you may have figured out were not home yet. Were only halfway there.
Parker What?
Dallas "MOTHER"s interrupted ourjourney course.
Kane Why?
Dallas Yeah. Shes programmed to do that should certain conditions arise. They have.
Parker Like what?
Dallas It seems she has intercepted a transmission of unknown origin. She got us up to check it out.
Ripley A transmission? Out here?
Dallas Yeah.
Lambert What kind of a transmission?
Dallas Acoustical beacon, that repeats at intervals of 12 seconds.
Kane SOS?
Dallas I don't know.
Ripley Human?
Dallas Unknown.
Parker So what? [Laughs.]
Kane We are obligated under Section...
Parker I hate to bring this up, but this is a commercial ship, not a rescue ship.
Brett Right.
Parker Its not in my contract, this kind of duty. And what about the money? If you wanna give me some money, Id be happy to oblige. Right. Lets go over the bonus situation.
Ash Im sorry, can I say something? There is a clause which states any systematized transmission.
Parker I don't wanna hear it.
Ash Indicating intelligent origin must be investigated...
Parker I wanna go home and party.
Dallas Parker, will you just listen to the man?
Ash ...on penalty of total forfeiture of shares. No money.
Dallas You got that?
Parker [Laughs.] Well, yeah! [Laughs.]
Dallas Were going in.
The Nostromo prepares to locate the source of the mysterious transmission.
MOTHER Approaching orbital apogee. Mark. [Begins to countdown from 11 to 1.]
Ash Equatorial orbit nailed.
Dallas DORs in line.
Ripley Status on the lifters?
Dallas Give me an AC pressure reading.
Ash 48 seconds and counting.
Dallas Prepare to disengage from platform.
MOTHER 20 seconds. [Begins to countdown from 18 to 1.] lock.
The Nostromo prepares to disengage from platform.
Dallas Disengage.
Ripley Clear.
Dallas Moneys safe. Lets take her down.
The Nostromo launches.
Kane Roll 92 degrees, port yaw.
Ripley Prime the port.
The Nostromo descends to the planet.
Ripley I'm not getting anything.
MOTHER Turbulence.
Ripley Locked and floating. You can drop us anytime now.
Dallas Alright. Initial dampings going off. Hold on, people, theres going to be a little bump.
Parker [Hears as strange sound.] What the hell was that?
Brett Pressure drop. Must have lost a shield.
Dallas Lets go with it.
Ripley I'm still not getting anything.
Ash Yeah. Dropping off now. Still dropping.
Dallas Take her down.
The Nostromo looks for a landing spot while counting down from 9 to 1.
Dallas Navigation lights on. [Presses button.]
Kane We got five Jane, still out. No problem, just down 11 percent. Quin stages, ok.
The Nostromo prepares to land while counting down from 12 to 1.
Dallas Kill drive engines.
The Nostromo's landing goes wrong and the alarm rings. Several electrical circuits occur and the crew tries to extinguish them
Dallas What the hell happened? Somebody give me an answer!
Kane Is the hull breached?
Ripley I don't see anything. We still have pressure.
Dallas Push the screen.
Kane Why?
Parker Secondary load-sharing unit is out. Three of the four cells are gone.
Ripley Is that it?
Parker No, hold on. Uh. We can't fix it out here anyway and we need to reroute a couple of these ducts.
Kane Dry-dock time.
Brett Dry-dock. Tell him to dry-dock!
Parker But we couldn't fix it out here anyway. We've gotta reroute all these ducts and uh, in order to do that, we've got to dry-dock.
Dallas [Sighs.] What else?
Parker Some fragments caked up. We've got to clean it out and repressurize it.
Ripley How long before were functional?
Parker Look... What? What.
Brett Just 17 hours, tell her.
Parker At least 25 hours.
Ripley Get started. I'll be right down.
Parker What the hells she coming down here for?
Brett She better stay the fuck out of my way.
Dallas Any response yet?
Ash No, absolutely nothing, except the same transmission every 12 seconds. All the other channels are dead.
Dallas Kick on the floods.
Kane We can't go anywhere in this.
Ash MOTHER says the sun rises in 20 minutes.
Dallas How far to the source of transmission?
Ash Northeast. Just under 2,000 meters.
Kane Walking distance?
Dallas [Laughs with small tone.] Can you give me an atmospheric?
Ash Yes
Kane Oh!
Ash Its almost primordial. There's inert nitrogen, high concentration

of carbon dioxide crystals, methane... I'm working on the trace elements.

Dallas Anything else?
Ash Yes. There's rock, lava base. Deep cold, well below the line.
Kane I'll volunteer to be in the first group to go out.
Dallas Yeah, that figures. You, too, Lambert.
Lambert Swell.
Kane You'd better break out the weapons.
The team prepares to head out to search for the transmission's source.
Lambert I can't see a goddamn thing!
Dallas Ash, are you receiving?
Ash [Making random hand gestures.] Good contact on my board.
Dallas Clear and free. Keep the line open. Let's go.
The scene cuts to Parker, Brett and Ripley repairing the Nostromo.
Parker Hey, Ripley. Hey, Ripley, I want to ask you a question. If they find what they're looking for, do we get full shares?
Ripley Don't worry, Parker, you'll get whatever's coming to you.
Brett Look, I'm not gonna do any more work until we get this straightened out.
Ripley Brett, you're guaranteed by law to get a share.
Parker What?
Ripley Why don't you just fuck off?
Parker What?
Brett What did you say, Rip?
Ripley If you have any trouble, I'll be on the bridge.
Parker Hey, Ripley, come back here!
Parker and Brett [Laughs.]
Parker Son of a bitch.
Brett What's the matter?
The scene cuts to the team venturing on the planet's surface.
Lambert Can't see a goddamn thing.
Kane Quit griping.
Lambert I like griping.
Dallas Come on, knock it off.
The scene cuts to Ripley viewing the planet's surface.
Ripley How's it going?
Ash Oh, all right.
Ripley Did you put the transmission through ECIU?
Ash No. MOTHER hasn't identified it yet.
Ripley Mind if I give it a shot?
Ash Please do.
The scene cuts to the team continuing their venture and eventually discover the Derelict.
Dallas Ash, can you see this?
Ash Yes, I can. I've never seen anything like it.
Dallas It's very bizarre.
Kane You said it.
Dallas All right. Moving on to second... position.
Lambert What is it? Let's get outta here.
Kane We've got this far. We must go on. We have to go on.
Ash Will you say that again? Shit!
Dallas Ash, as you can see, its hard to describe.
Ash I'm going back to the console.
The team prepares to enter the Derelict
Ash Dallas!