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Timothy "Tim" Jorden was the son of Russ and Anne Jorden and Newt's older brother.


He keeps his little sister company in the family's tractor as their parents investigate inside the Derelict. The two later saw their panicking mother who calls for help as their father was impregnated by an unknown creature.

Tim and his sister (Newt) later witnessed the brutal death of their father while they were exploring the vents. After his father died, Tim and Rebecca were moved with everyone else into a barricaded area of the colony so the creatures couldn't get at them. He was killed by a Xenomorph; after lifting his sister into an air vent he shot a Xenomorph and got some acidic blood on him and quickly died of the burns.


  • Tim is the only person who calls Newt by her real name, Rebecca.
  • Christopher Henn, who plays Tim Jorden, is the older brother of actress Carrie Henn who plays Newt in the film.
  • Like his parents, Tim only appears in the director's cut version of the film; he did not appear in the theatrical release.