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General Thomas A.W. Spears was a sociopathic Colonial Marine officer in charge of a Military Facility. Spears headed a project to turn Xenomorph Drones into an organized fighting force to reclaim Earth from the Xenomorphs.



Thomas "Tommy" A.W. Spears was an artificial womb human, part of a project within the Colonial Marines to bolster their ranks. Spears was raised in military training facilities with the sole purpose to serve in the Corps. In his early childhood Spears was bullied by an older cadet by the name of Jerico Axe. At age nine while hiding from Axe Spears got a hold of a knife to defend himself from Jerico and ambushed the older and larger boy. After subduing Jerico, Spears then killed the older boy and would be proud of the moment when he killed his first enemy well into his later life, showcasing his sociopathic personality.

By age fifteen, Spears was proving himself to be a competent cadet and showing promise as a Marine in the near future, even sporting several tattoos relating to the Corps. Around this time, cadet Spears found himself attracted to his small arms instructor Gunnery Sergeant Brandywine, who was twice Spears' age. Brandywine, aware of the cadet's attraction called him out on it when they were alone and told him to meet her in her quarters. Spears and Brandywine had a brief sexual encounter that still had an impact on Spears many years later, lamenting how he wished Brandywine could see him then.

Training an Army

Spears was the first to promote a CMC Bio-Weapon's Division and started one of his own secret projects after the initial Xenomorph infestation on Earth. He kept his experiments quiet at first: his secret agenda was to harness the Aliens and control their behavior and create his own Alien Army to retake Earth. When the war broke out at CL5, Spears set up station off-world, outside a local Hive and ran his army into the underground, experimenting on the Aliens trying to control their mannerisms. Spears used a nearby colony as a breeding ground for him to acquire more Xenomorph specimens. Spears used a Queen as the means to control the Aliens by threatening to incinerate her Drones every time they disobey his orders.

New Arrivals

To be continued