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Wraith Xeno
The Wraith
Biological information
Host name Unknown
Host type Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical description
Class Unknown
Behind the Scenes information
First appearance Aliens: Wraith (only appearance)
Last appearance
Portrayed by

The Wraith was a nickname for a lone Xenomorph that inhabited a cave on Tirgu Mires.


Though the circumstances are unknown, the cave at some point was owned by Weyland-Yutani for years prior to its abandonment. The Xenomorph became the only inhabitant of the cave for years and was responsible for the disappearances of around twelve people who entered the cave. Rumors of the disappearances eventually became a tall tale to the locals, stating that those who disappeared were devoured by a giant, skeletal being—a “wraith” they called it. Years have passed and the Xenomorph has aged, becoming old and frail, but was still capable of killing. A newcomer, Roark, became interested with the tale and together with a group of locals went to explore the cave. Roark, along with a local, Hope, entered the cave and stumble across the hived remains of the Wraith's victims. Roark identified the hived remains as the work of a Xenomorph, just as the Wraith appeared before them. The Wraith began to chase them through the cave and wounded Hope, but the two manage to evade it. The Wraith followed them to a chemical pool where Roark accidentally dropped his torch, setting the chemical pool ablaze. The two escaped the cave through a hole and rejoined their group and became relieved as they believe the creature had perished in the fire. As they were preparing to leave, the Wraith suddenly emerged from the hole and killed one of the locals, but was gunned down shortly after by a group of Marines. The Marines then proceeded to gun down Roark and the locals and ordered the destruction of the local colony to secure the cave true secret, a Space Jockey.