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The Furious Gods: The Making of Prometheus is a 2012 making-of documentary directed by Charles de Lauzirika that details the production of the 2012 film Prometheus. Created exclusively for the Prometheus 3D Blu-ray release, it uses extensive interviews with the film's cast and crew, as well as a wealth of behind the scenes footage, to detail the development, filming and release of the 123movies free movies streaming sites


The documentary is divided into nine separate chapters, each dealing with a different aspect of the film's production.

Conquest of Paradise: Renewing the Story[]

The first chapter covers the process of revamping the series, including the ways in which the script changed during the course of its development.

Under the Pyramid: LV-223[]

The second chapter covers the design of the planet on which the Prometheus lands, including how the artists were initially opposed to the humanoid look of the Engineers Ridley Scott wanted, and the evolution of the monster design, which is fleshed out in it's own section later in the documentary.

Reverse Engineering: USCSS Prometheus[]

The third chapter covers the design of the Prometheus ship — from the functional aspects of spaceflight to the technology of the interiors — along with the transport vehicles and ATVs it carries.

The Human Manifest: Casting and Costumes[]

The fourth chapter covers the casting of the main actors, discussing their characters and how the actors became involved with the film. Costume designer Janty Yates also explains the rationale behind the characters' outfits.

A World Without Green: Pinewood Studios, 2011[]

The fifth chapter covers filming at Pinewood Studios, including Ridley Scott's determination to create as much of the film practically as possible. The process of shooting in 3D is also explained, from the intricate wiring and more complicated workflow to the temperamental camera rigs.

Demons in the Dark: Creature Design[]

The sixth chapter goes deeper into the design of the film's creatures, showing the on-set, practical aspects of bringing the monsters to life using cable technology and old-fashioned movie tricks.

Hazard Pay: Stunts and Action[]

The seventh chapter covers the film's intense stunt pieces, particularly the lengthy fire burns, the Engineer fight scene and the climax.

Fire from the Sky: Visual Effects[]

The eight chapter covers the digital effect work carried out by Weta Workshop and others, from the decomposition of the Engineer at the beginning to the creation of the alien landscapes, the creatures, the med-pod scene and the birth of the Deacon.

Prometheus Unbound: Post-Production and Release[]

The final chapter covers the post-production and editing, as well as the decision to release with an R rating. Finally, the documentary discusses the film's pre-release hype and the post-release response.

Enhancement Pods[]

Alongside the documentary, several "Enhancement Pods", essentially deleted scenes taken from The Furious Gods, were also included in the release. These cover a wide range of topics, many of which are already mentioned in the documentary itself, and provide minor additional details and trivia.

  • The Title Conundrum
  • Prometheus: The Board Game
  • Sexburster
  • Knick Knacks of Tomorrow
  • Fun with Molecular Gastronomy
  • Building Better Logos
  • Maker's Mark
  • The Ampule Shoppe
  • Gigeresque
  • Language of the Gods
  • First Exposure: Alien
  • Body Mechanics: Trilobite
  • Xenomorphology: The Deacon
  • Constrictive Construction
  • Chair Fetish
  • One Day in Africa
  • Location: Iceland
  • The Art of Terraforming
  • Battle of the Planets: LV-223 VS LV-426
  • All Things Holographic
  • Weyland's Wet Dream
  • The Case of the Fanfic Fake
  • Merging Ridleyverses