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The Engineer was the last surviving member of his kind who were stationed at their temple located on LV-223.


For reasons unknown, at some point approximately 2,000 years ago, the Engineers stationed on LV-223 initiated a plan to wipe out humanity by releasing a lethal pathogen they had created, this Engineer was among those who participated in the plan. However, they apparently lost control of the pathogen and led the Engineers there to die off. The Engineer, along with three of his brethren took refuge within their ship and stored themselves within their ship's Hypersleep Chambers, likely to wait for the pathogen to die off. The Engineer's brethren weren't so fortunate, as their chambers ceased to function, causing them to die while this individual alone continued to live and remain in stasis for years.

In 2089, archeologists Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway discover a star map among several unconnected ancient cultures within a cave during their expedition on the Isle of Skye. They interpret this as an invitation from the Engineers. Shaw then contacted Peter Weyland, the elderly CEO of Weyland Corporation, for a proposal in order to gain enough funding for an expedition to follow the star map. Weyland agrees with the proposal and funds the creation of the scientific vessel Prometheus to follow the map to the distant moon LV-223.

In 2093, after the Prometheus' two year voyage, the ship finally arrived on LV-223. The Prometheus crew explored the moon's surface where they came across the Engineer's structure. The crew entered the structure and discovered the bodies of the Engineers, as well as several "urns" that stores the pathogen. The crew's interference caused the pathogen stored within the "urns" to melt, A few crew members were exposed to the pathogen, and in the ensuing chaos most were either mutated or killed. The android David successfully found this Engineer, who was still in hypersleep and informed Weyland, who was secretly aboard the ship the entire time. Weyland and his team went to the Engineers' ship to commune with the last Engineer however, upon waking; the Engineer decapitated David after a brief conversation and killed Weyland along with the entire party, save Shaw, who managed to escape.

The Engineer equips himself with his exosuit and reactivates his ship to head for Earth to carry out his original mission. The Prometheus' Captain Janek along with his men sacrificed themselves by ramming their ship directly onto the Engineer's ship before it can leave the moon. The Engineer survived the crash and attacked Shaw within Prometheus' lifeboat. Shaw released the Trilobite she had extracted earlier from her womb as the result of intercourse with Holloway who was infected by the pathogen. The creature manages to restrain the Engineer, impregnating him while Shaw escapes. Shortly after, the Engineer regained consciousness, but later died when strange creature violently erupted from his body.


  • In a deleted scene of Prometheus, when David tells the Engineer that Wayland thinks he can be given more life, he is asked in Proto-Indo-European, "What this man has done that makes him so great that he deserves more life?". Wayland replies that he made David on his image, which he thought it made him a god, equating to the Engineers who created the humankind. This angered the Engineer who decapitated David and killed Wayland.[1]
  • In a early script of Prometheus, titled Alien: Engineers, it revealed that the Engineers actually sent a "chosen one" to Earth who would become what we know as Jesus Christ. In the initial version, an Engineer even explains, "We took a [mother's] child back to Paradise and educated him, taught him the meaning of life and creation. We put him back into Eden to educate your kind. But your kind decided to punish him. We gave you the fruits of life and you repay us by leaving it to rot."[2] He called the human race a "barbaric violent species." His dialogue with David in Proto-Indo-European language was much longer, in which he explained the latter.