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The Crawler
Biological information
Host name Unknown
Host type Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical description
Class Soldier
Behind the Scenes information
First appearance Aliens: Stalker (only appearance)
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The Crawler was a nickname for a lone Xenomorph Soldier that terrorized Earth during the Viking Age.



"I go now to the dark lands to face the Black Slayer. It will hunt me with its sightless eyes and rend my bones with its butcher talons.
I will meet the Slayer's onslaught lost in the red fury of a Beserker Rage.
I see before me the dead piled like cordwood. I am lost to the red madness and froth spews from my lips.
I go to perish in the Demon's Maw.
—The Deathsong of Drogo the Beserker[src]

Thought the circumstances of the Crawler's origins are unknown, according to legend the first Crawler was first encountered by the Ancient King, Drogo the Beserker who was able to defeat it with his "beserker rage." But the creature didn't die and would resurface every fifty years to lay ruin to his descendants.


The Crawler eventually resurfaced (although its unclear if it's the same one Drogo fought or merely another Soldier) and attacked the Uplands, slaughtering anyone that came across it's path. The only survivors were Drogo's descendants, Odo and Alwin who then enlisted the help of a group of Vikings led by Torfinn and the legendary warrior Rainulf the Wraith-Stalker to help them hunt down and slay the creature. The group were able to track down the Crawler's nest located on a misty island that served as Drogo's tomb and began to search the entire island until the Crawler itself appeared and started killing off the group one by one. The group immediately gathered all the deadwood they could find to light a large torch to clear the surrounding mist and locate the Crawler. Torfinn and his men spotted the creature and engaged it, unfortunately their weapons prove ineffective against the Xenomorph due to its thick armor. Torfinn was able to wound the creature but was incapacitated when its acidic blood sprayed his eyes. The Crawler then single-handedly wiped out Torfinn's remaining men and retreated to its underground nest.

Rainulf decided to confront the Crawler alone within its nest, there he encountered the Crawler but was outmatched by its superior strength. Meanwhile on the surface Odo betrayed killed Torfinn and took all of Drogo's treasure with him and leaving Rainulf behind, much to his sister's objection. Rainulf was able to flee to the surface, but the Crawler made its way to the surface as well and swam to Odo's ship. The Crawler wiped out Odo and his men with little effort, leaving only Alwin to face the creature herself. After witnessing her brother's death, Alwin gained her ancestor's "beserker rage" and together with Rainulf were able to finally slay the creature.