This article is about the Alien from Alien: Isolation. For the Xenomorph from Alien, see The Alien (Nostromo)

Sevastopol Alien
The Alien (Sevastopol)
Biological information
Host name Unknown
Host type Human
Status Deceased
Physical description
Class Drone
Height 9'-10'
Behind the Scenes information
First appearance Alien: Isolation (comic)
Last appearance Alien: Isolation
Portrayed by

The Sevastopol Alien was an Alien Drone that was responsible for terrorizing the crew of the trading space station, Sevastopol and stalking Amanda Ripley.


In 2137, the Anesidora investigated the "distress signal" coming from the derelict on LV-426. When Foster got too close to an egg, a Facehugger emerged and latched onto her face. Foster was taken to Sevastopol Station, where the Facehugger died and the Chestburster inside Foster later erupted from her chest. The Chestburster escaped and hid itself within Sevastopol Station. Once it had matured into a Queen, it began to build it's hive within Sevastopol Station, laying numerous eggs.[1] One of the eggs eventually produced this Drone, which began to terrorize the residents of Sevastopol, abducting the station's inhabitants one by one or straight up killing its victims. The Alien's presence on the station caused panic among the station's inhabitants, and Colonial Marshal Waits and his team struggled to keep order aboard the station. At some point, the Alien established a Hive within Sevastopol's core, using the victims it had abducted as hosts to produce more Xenomorph Drones.

Long after the initiation of the attacks, the Alien was spotted in engineering, and Waits and the last of his men — Turner, Garcia and Harris — went to investigate. The team discovered two corpses and a locked door. When Garcia opened the door, he was quickly headbitten by the Drone. Harris then yelled at the Xenomorph, calling it a "son of a bitch!", but the Alien impaled him with its tail. Waits and Turner then fired their shotguns at the Xenomorph, forcing it back through the doorway, and closed the door. The Alien moved above the two, using the vents. It knocked down a grate and dragged Turner into the vents, blood raining down. Waits yelled at it to come back, asking "What about me?"

In habitation, Clark mistook Ross, a human, for the Alien, shooting him, but not killing him. As Clark was about to enter Elevator C-3, Ross asked for Clark to help him, but the Xenomorph showed up behind Ross. Clark abandoned Ross closing the elevator door, and the latter was presumably killed by the Drone.

Some time later, Diane Verlaine and her crew aboard the Torrens attempted to board Sevastopol station in search of the Nostromo's flight recorder. Amanda Ripley became separated from the crew and stranded on the station.

Ripley first encountered the drone while traveling with a scavenger named Axel. The Alien impaled Axel with its tail and pulled him into an air duct. Ripley managed to evade the drone for some time until she met a doctor named Kuhlman. After retrieving a keycard from a deceased Doctor Morley, Ripley attempted to travel with Kuhlman, but the drone appeared and killed him.

Ripley, equipped with a flamethrower, attempted to trap the Alien in the Lorenz Systech Spire; but the plan failed when she was accidentally trapped inside with it, so Ricardo released the lockdown for her. Eventually she was able to lure the Alien into the Gemini Exoplanets Solutions module. Waits then ejected the module from the station and it fell into the atmosphere. The Alien then dies when the module is incinerated in the atmosphere of the gas giant.


  • The Alien's feet are very different than the design for the Nostromo Alien; this was so the Alien wouldn't look like a man in a suit and for the program, that controlled the Alien, to allow it to move better.
  • The AI used for the Alien allows it to adapt the player's every move and doesn't have a scripted path.
  • The Alien received the nickname "Stompy" because of the low sound it makes when stepping.



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