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The Alien (Mendel) cut
The Alien (Mendel)
Biological information
Host name Unknown
Host type Human
Status Deceased
Physical description
Class Drone
Height 9'-10'
Behind the Scenes information
First appearance Alien: Blackout
Last appearance
Portrayed by

The Mendel Alien it was a xenomorph drone that terrorized and massacred the Mendel space station resident crew, stalking Amanda Ripley and the USCSS Haldin four crew.


Still in the year 2137, a xenomorph was being created and studied in captivity in a lab at the Mendel space station. It is assumed that the alien was successively captured in its oval stage, subjected to a human guinea pig to serve as a host, and then hatched as Chestburster to grow into adulthood.

Due to its hostile nature, the creature caused a sudden outbreak that endangered everyone aboard the station, little by little it was killing and kidnapping several residents until only Amanda Ripley remained, however, some residents of the station managed to escape through the capsules of escape. When the commercial vessel Haldin docked at the station and its crew members were to leave, the Alien began its hunt endlessly against them while Amanda guided them through the complex on each level.

At the end of the game, when Amanda leaves a control room, the Drone tries his last efforts to kill her by chasing her to Haldin, but ends up failing when the ship's door automatically seals and minutes later he dies from the explosion by the station's self-destruct system.

Intelligence and Behavior[]

The Drone showed the same behavior characteristics similar to the Alien of Sevastopol, without having restrictions to any area of ​​the level and with imperative actions, however, certain moments of the game, such as the completion of a task, the Drone will take actions already determined by script.

But his behavior was severely criticized because there are actions that can be predicted after several times playing, the player will find that some actions standardized by the creature's script can be predicted and controlled. An example of this is the creature's content inside a room when the moment it is about to leave, the player will be able to stop its passage by sealing the door, then the Alien will try to escape through a ventilation entrance, if the player opens the door again soon afterwards, the Alien will try to pass through it again, the player will be able to seal it and thus repeating the process.


  • Mendel's Alien inherits the same graphic model as the Alien from the predecessor game.