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Biographical information

December, 2093

Rank Mechanic
Serial/ID number
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair color
Eye color
Chronological and political information

Weyland Corporation



Behind the Scenes information
First appearance Prometheus (only appearance)
Last appearance
Portrayed by Shane Steyn

L. Taplow was a mechanic that was hired by the Weyland Corporation to fix and repair vehicles aboard the USCSS Prometheus during the ship's voyage to LV-223.


Taplow was hired by the Weyland Corporation to serve as a mechanic responsible for maintenance of the ground vehicles aboard the USCSS Prometheus during its voyage to the distant moon LV-223. After spending two years in hypersleep, Taplow along with the other crew members were awaken. As the Prometheus nearly arrives on LV-223, Vickers, Shaw and Holloway briefed the crew on their mission to find the Engineers.

Taplow along with Jackson, Vladimir and Sheppard later attempted to kill Fifield who has been mutated by the black liquid and was running rampant at their ship's hangar bay. Taplow tries to kill the monster by burning it with a flame unit. After setting the creature on fire, it manages to escape by climbing above the RT-01 vehicle. The mutant then jumps at Taplow and kills him.