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Sevastopol Station
General information
Classification Space Station
Location Near KG348 orbit
Chronological information
First appearance Alien: Isolation (comic)
Last appearance Alien: Isolation

Sevastopol Station (セバストーポリ) was an orbital trading space station in orbit of the gas giant KG348. In 2137, the salvage vessel Anesidora brought a Xenomorph Drone aboard the station which began to terrorize the station's inhabitants, causing panic and chaos among the remaining colonists.

The station was destroyed in 2137 when the Anesidora exploded, damaging the station's gravity stabilizers and ultimately leaving it to burn up in the atmosphere of KG348.


Sevastopol served as a freeport and commercial outpost in the Zeta Reticuli sector and maintains a colony capable of housing over 5000 people.

Sevastopol Station was roughly 18,500 meters (60,700 ft.) from side to side, and was composed of three main towers. The Lorenz SysTech tower housed the APOLLO system core, the Comms module and the Gemini Exoplanet Solutions module. The SciMed Tower contained the San Cristobal Medical Facility, and the Seegson synthetic production facility. The third tower, or the Solomons habitation tower, housed the Spaceport terminal, the Solomons habitation module, the mall and the Colonial Marshal Bureau.

All the three towers were linked by a transit system, which consisted of a train system running on tubes from one tower to another. In case of emergency, San Cristobal Medical Facility had short range ambulance shuttles available.


Sevastopol Station began as a Freeport, built by Lorenz SysTech Development and funded by GeoFund Investor. The station's opening, however, coincided with tumult in the space race. Years of mismanagement, and the re-routing of the Sol-Thedus flight path, left Sevastopol in "real danger" of being decommissioned.

In 2124, the Seegson corporation arrived to Sevastopol to re-energize the station, transforming it into the cosmopolitan hub. However, some time later, the station was scheduled for decommissioning. The crew was gradually reduced to a skeleton crew.

On November 11, 2137, H. Marlow arrived at the station aboard the salvage vessel Anesidora, requesting emergency medical attention for his wife, C. Foster, who was attacked by a Facehugger. Chief marshal Waits chose to skip quarantine because they had found the USCSS Nostromo's flight recorder and it meant a cut of the reward for the station's crew.

On, November 14, 2137, the Chestburster hatched from C. Foster, killing her. Dr. Lindgard signed her death certificate and made the death cause classified. Waits and his men started to hunt the creature.

As the Xenomorph started to kill people, Seegson put the station on sale, making sure possible buyers knew nothing about the situation aboard. On November 21, 2137, Weyland-Yutani purchased Sevastopol and sent APOLLO new operational directives, including Special Order 939.

Sometime later, Amanda Ripley, Christopher Samuels and Nina Taylor came aboard in the Torrens to retrieve the Nostromo flight recorder. Amanda worked with Waits in a plan to trap the Xenomorph in the Gemini Exoplanet Solutions module, separating it from the station towards the gas giant. The plan succeeded, but Amanda barely escaped.

Ultimately, the station's gravity stabilizers were damaged when the Anesidora was self destructed by Marlow, plummeting the Sevastopol into KG348's atmosphere.


  • There are clear references to the USCSS Nostromo's refinery in the design of Sevastopol, most obviously the dome-like structures on its underside and the tall spires topped with masts above. The interior is also clearly based on the Nostromo's. Creative Assembly have stated this is because both ships were built around the same time.
  • Sevastopol shares its name with a de facto city of the Russian Federation and part of the Crimean Federal District, although it is considered part of Ukraine by most of the international community.