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Xenomorph Royal Guard
Royal Guard
General information
Host type
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Distinctions Headcrest
Notable individuals
Chronological information
First appearance Aliens: Earth War
Last appearance Aliens: Genocide

The Royal Guard are the personal guard of the Queen Mother, Ripley described them as the Queen Mother's "chosen few."

Appearance and Abilities

Royal Guards are larger than typical Soldiers, they also have large long pointed headcrests that somewhat resembles the Queen Mother's. Royal Guards possess a pair of long horn-like tines between their mouth, as well as having another pair of them as their inner jaws.

Royal Guards possess a large amount of strength, allowing them easily rip practically anything apart as displayed when the Royal Guards ripped through the APC and the power loaders equipped by Ripley's team, which were made out of alloy steel with little effort.

In the event that the Queen Mother dies, the Royal Guards will together form a giant cocoon to create a new one as the Aliens cannot survive without a leader in the hiveworld. The Cocoon will eventually molt into a new Queen Mother with the aid of royal jelly in the Queen's chamber, becoming the Aliens' new leader and retaining order within the hiveworld.[1]