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Robert Morse was an inmate and the sole survivor of the Xenomorph infestation that took place in the correctional unit on Fiorina 161.


When the alien started killing, Morse was quick to blame Ripley for the ensuing deaths, before eventually becoming pre-occupied with his own security. After the beast was trapped in the waste dump, Golic, now pronounced a "mental case" and strapped to a bed, convinced him to remove the strait-jacket. Golic then swiftly knocked out his "friend" with a fire extinguisher and went in search of the creature. Golic murdered another prisoner before releasing the Alien, which then killed him in gratitude. Morse narrowly escaped death from the alien during the bait and chase sequence. While Dillon was fighting the alien in the mould, Ripley ordered Morse to pour the lead, drowning the beast in molten lead. As Morse curses the alien, he was shocked to see the alien leap from the molten lead, it saw Ripley and began climbing up the pipework. Noticing that she was near the sprinklers, Morse told her to turn them on to douse the creature with water. The sprinklers were activated, and the alien's metallic exoskeleton cooled rapidly and exploded.

Shortly after the alien's demise, Weyland-Yutani arrived for Ripley, but she refuses, knowing what their real intentions are. As she climbs onto the mobile platform with Morse, a soldier shoots Morse in the leg. Despite the agonizing pain, he stops the platform over the furnace and watches in astonishment as Ripley falls gracefully into the furnace, Much to the company's dismay. As everyone is evacuated, the soldiers bandage his leg and lead him out to the dropship, with Morse laughing and cursing at the Weyland-Yutani staff.

Later life[]

After being re-assigned from Fiorina 161, Morse wrote an account of the events on the prison planet called Space Beast in 2183. However, due to its sensitive nature, the book was banned. Morse eventually passed away in 2208.

Personality and Traits[]

Morse was a loud argumentative individual. He had no reservations on stating how he felt about anything. Morse also enjoyed picking fights at any opportunity, one of his favorites to fight with was Francis Aaron, who Morse constantly refered to as "85". Morse would go against authority; even if it was well armed people. One example of this was when Morse was being lead away from the Fiorina 161 facility by Weyland-Yutani guards armed with M41A Pulse Rifles, laughing at them and insulting them. Besides being confrotational and aggressive, Morse also had a soft spot for his friend Walter Golic.