Ricco Frost
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July 27, 2179

Rank Private
Serial/ID number A17/TQ4.0.61247E5
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
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Portrayed by Ricco Ross

Ricco Frost was a Private in the United States Colonial Marine Corps. In 2179 he was a part of the platoon of marines dispatched aboard the USS Sulaco on a rescue mission to the Weyland-Yutani owned terraforming colony, "Hadley's Hope" on Acheron LV-426.


Mission to LV-426Edit

Frost was part of a Marine detachment sent to investigate the loss of contact with the Hadley's Hope Colony in 2179. After awakening from hypersleep, Frost would joke around with his fellow squadmates and make remarks about tense situations. During the briefing of the mission the squad's new Lieutenant, Gorman; mentioned that the loss of contact "may involve" a xenomorph. Frost asked " a what?"regarding with Hicks responded that it was a "bug hunt." Frost also mentioned during the drop that he had a bad feeling about the drop, but was chewed out by Crowe that he always says that, and Frost told him he'd tell Crowe's folks when he didn't come back.

After landing, Frost and the others investigated the administration portion fo the colony. After doing a sweep of the building Gorman said he was coming in since it was clear. Frost; on the motion tracker, came across a signal which Drake and Hicks joined him in checking it out. A girl jumped out and ran for the ducts to get away. After she was caught by Ripley, Hudson came across the colonists' signals and Frost and the squad made their way to the atmospheric processor.


As Frost and his squad made their way down into the sublevels of the processor, the envoirment changed from an industrial processor to a secreted resin covering everything. Frost complained that it was hot as hell in the place now. Shortly after, the squad was informed that they couldn't use their M41A Pulse Rifles or M56 Smart Guns and that they could only use incinerator units. Frost grumbled with the rest of the squad on having alot of their firepower taken away, and wasn't too thrilled to be volunteered to carry the magazines and ammo.

Frost and the others eventually found the colonists, dead with wounds to their chests. Dietrich came across a live colonist that later died when a Chestburster ripped out of her. Apone torched the creature and the body and agitated the nest. Frost was the first marine to die in the first encounter with the xenomorphs when Dietrich was grabbed by a Xenomorph and, in a panic, discharged her flamethrower with Frost in the way. In panic a flame covered Frost ran towards the edge of the processing station and fell towards down the levels to his death.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Like Hudson, Frost was one of the comedians of the squad with a warped sense of humor, making light of serious situations. One example of this was when Ripley found out about Bishop being an android and getting angry about it Frost mentioned that she must hate the cornbread too. Frost would also complain on occasion and be pessimistic at times too but managed to get ripped on by Crowe for saying "I got a bad feeling about this."


Frost was outfitted with standard Colonial Marine gear during the mission on Archeon. Frost wore the standard issue M10 Pattern Ballistic Armour with custom paint job and a Shoulder lamp attatchment for illumination. Frost was also equipped with a motion tracker to pin point potential hostile movement. Frost was also proficent with the standard issue carbine the M41A Pulse Rifle, but would at times carry a M240 Incinerator Unit as a back up and a holstered VP-70 Automatic Pistol.