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Deputy Ricardo was a member of the Colonial Marshal Bureau on Sevastopol Station. When a lone Xenomorph was unleashed on the station by the crew of the Anesidora in 2137, Ricardo and his fellow officers struggled to keep order.

Ricardo was subdued by a Facehugger while he helped Ripley to arrange escape from the station, and she was forced to leave him to his fate.


Ricardo first encountered Amanda Ripley at the transit station when he and Chief Marshal Waits confronted Samuels who was tending to the wounded Taylor. Shortly after their encounter, Amanda set off to repair the transit system while Samuels and Taylor were taken into custody by the two Marshals. Waits then ordered Ricardo to give Amanda to keep in touch. Ricardo continued to guide Amanda through the Sevastopol to reach her goals. Ricardo later assisted Amanda to contain the Alien by luring it into a remote section of the station and sealing it inside. Despite some faulty doors, Amanda was able to repair them and successfully sealed the creature into the Gemini Exoplanets Solutions module. Waits then ejected the module from the station and it fell into the atmosphere, though Ricardo was relieved upon learning that Amanda was able to escape and made it back to Sevastopol. With the Alien disposed of, the situation aboard the station appeared back under control, but the station's androids abruptly began hunting down and killing the station's human inhabitants. The androids soon attacked the Marshals' Headquarters and everyone, including Waits and his remaining men were killed during the assault, Ricardo was the only survivor.

Amanda later reunited with Ricardo and he directed Amanda to Samuels' whereabouts. Ricardo later revealed to Amanda important information about the situation, such as when Nina Taylor, who was sent aboard the Torrens with Ripley by Weyland-Yutani to retrieve the Alien, freed Henry Marlow in exchange for the location of LV-426. He and Amanda pursue them in hopes of using the ship to escape. Upon exploring the Anesidora, they discover that Marlow is attempting to overload the Anesidora's fusion reactor to destroy the station, thus ensuring that the everyone would not escape. Though Amanda succeeded at reducing the force of the blast, Sevastopol's gravity stabilizers are still damaged.

With Sevastopol's condition rapidly decaying, Ricardo continued to assist Amanda throughout the station to contact the Torrens as their only hope of escaping. Ricardo managed to contact the Torrens for evacuation, but Amanda lost contact with him. Amanda later approached the office he was using and discovered he had been attacked and subdued by a Facehugger, forcing Amanda to abandon him. He was later killed either when the Chestburster inside him erupted or when the station burned up in KG348's atmosphere.

Personality and traits[]

Unlike his superior Waits or Marlow, Ricardo had a amicable disposition to Amanda, neither betraying her or having ulterior motives. He tried to help her the best he could and was very loyal over the radio but suffered from mild survivors guilt after Waits and other survivors are murdered by the androids. Amanda herself, seemed to like Ricardo and was saddened when she discovered he had been subdued by a Facehugger. R.I.P Ricardo