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FulliconItems remoteFlameTurret

Limited Item

A flamethrower turret that Survivors can retrieve from Control Stations and placed in the environment.

  • Tracks the presence of The Xenomorph within 41 metres of its location.
    • This ability is briefly disabled whenever The Xenomorph exits the Tunnels.
  • Grants immunity from Detection by The Xenomorph when it is inside the Tunnels while carrying the Turret.
  • Survivors suffer from a -35 % Hindered Status Effect, and the Exhausted and Incapacitated Status Effects, while carrying the Turret.
  • The Auras of Survivors carrying a Turret are revealed to all other Survivors.
  • Shoots flames at The Xenomorph whenever it comes within 10 metres and Line of Sight of a deployed Turret.
    • Slows The Xenomorph and can knock it out of its Crawler Mode.
    • Overheats after firing for 4 seconds or after knocking The Xenomorph out of its Crawler Mode.
    • Overheated Turrets can be repaired.
    • Multiple Turrets firing simultaneously do not stack their damage output.
  • Can be destroyed by an attack from The Xenomorph.

Limited Items are consumed on use and also cannot be brought back to the Campfire after a Trial, with The Entity consuming them after leaving the Trial.

Change Log[]

Patch 7.2.2[]

  • QoL: revised the placement logic to allow for more flexibility on where Turrets can be placed.
    • Instead of a radius of a few metres that needed to be free around the Turret so it could be placed, it now suffices if the Turret model itself can be placed down.


  • Turrets can detect the presence of The Xenomorph even when it is Undetectable or inside the tunnel system below the Map.
  • Escaping with the Remote Flame Turret triggers the Score Event "Turret On The Move".