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Red Queen
Red Queen mother
Biological information
Host name
Host type Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical description
Class Queen Mother
Height Unknown
Behind the Scenes information
First appearance Aliens: Genocide
Last appearance
Portrayed by

The Red Queen was the leader and matriarch of the Red Xenomorphs.


The Red Queen was birthed from a cocoon that created by several deviant Royal Guards that saw opportunity in the first Queen Mother's death to create their own and to create a new order within the hive. The Red Queen soon grew and began breeding her own Red-clad Drones, eventually forming her own hive and amassing a massive Drone Army. The Red Queen then waged war on the original hive's second Queen Mother. A massive warfare begun between the two subspecies over the dominance of their species. Meanwhile, a platoon of Colonial Marines were sent to the hiveworld to retrieve the Queen Mother's prized jelly in order to synthesize a highly addictive drug called Xeno-Zip. The Colonial Marines unintentionally became involved in the war once they have landed on the hiveworld and had to fight off both of the Alien types, suffering massive casualties in the conflict. The remaining crew decided to decimate the Red Queen's hive to distract the Drones of the original hive while the jelly was being extracted. The Marines launched several tactical warheads to the Red Queen's hive, the Red Queen perished in the explosion. The Red Queen's death caused her brood to panic and scatter, the original hive's Xenomorphs then proceeded to eradicate the remaining Red Aliens.


  • The cancelled Aliens: Crucible RPG was to include a red coloured Queen which may have been based on the Red Queen.