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The Project Prometheus Training Center is an online HTML5 game from the official Prometheus website. As part of Weyland Corporation's application process, applicants are observed by Andrea Bishop as they must unlock 5 tests to be recruited in Project Prometheus. The tests can be taken multiple times to increase the applicant's score advantage.



This requires applicants to use the arrow keys to watch for obstacles while running.


This requires applicants to move their curser as aligned with moving crosshairs in a G-force simulator.

Sit Intel[]

This is a multiple choice exam that requires applicants to carefully answer scenarios that could happen while on the Prometheus.

Spat Rel[]

This Puzzle requires the applicant to use the arrow keys to align as many falling shapes into the exact marking placement.

Pre Cortex[]

This requires the applicant to shift a Rubix Cube-like puzzle for cooresponding numbers. This is also the only test tha requires the applicant to download before testing.

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