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Chimera Alien

Kleist's domesticated Xenomorphs

Project Chimera was a secret experiment conducted by Professor Kleist, which intended to breed a race of domesticated Xenomorphs through the use of genetic-engineering.


Professor Kleist was assigned by the ZCT to oversee Project Chimera, which focuses on the effort to breed genetically-engineered Xenomorphs that are domesticated for the ZCT to be able to control for biological weapon purposes. ZCT provided a research facility for Kleist, the Charon Base, which housed a Xenomorph hive to conduct research for the project. After studying the Alien's morphology, Professor Kleist was able to alter the Xenomorph's behavior through the use of D.N.A. splicing, thus successfully producing several domesticated Xenomorph, though not without some setbacks. Though Professor Kleist was able to create several domesticated Drones, he was unable to breed any Queens as they all would automatically die upon birth. Frustrated by his failed attempts to breed a Queen, Kleist decided to breed a Xenomorph powerful enough to usurp a Queen. Having discovered that the genes of corporate spy, John Kray were by coincidence capable of hosting a new kind of Alien, Kleist used him as a breeding host and was able to breed a new Xenomorph, which he dubbed the "Alien King." Kleist deemed it a perfect evolutionary successor to the Aliens, and hoped to have his King challenge Charon's resident Alien Queen.

Professor Kleist unleashed the Rogue upon the base's captive Xenomorph hive in order to test the Rogue of its capabilities, but it soon escaped shortly after it heard the Queen's cries. The Rogue continues to run rampant through the entire Charon Base, killing both Xenomorphs and Humans alike before confronting the Queen. Despite possessing superior strength, the Rogue was ultimately killed by the Queen. Unable to accept defeat, Professor Kleist used a sound cannon on the Queen until it went critical, destroying the Charon Base and all traces of Project Chimera's research.