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"They wouldn't call it team WORK if it were easy, people."
—Patrick Steele[src]

Patrick "Stainless" Steele is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Colonial Marine Corps. He served as the commanding officer of the platoon of Colonial Marines dispatched to investigate the USS Sulaco 18 weeks after its deployment to LV-426.

In-game Bio[]

NAME: Patrick "Stainless" Steele

RANK: Lieutenant Colonel (O-5)

SEX: Male

AGE: 55



Patrick Steele is an officer's officer. His family has been career military for 5 generations. Steele graduated on top of his class from Norwich University, UA in 2148 and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant the same year. He served as Commander of 2nd Platoon, A Company, 1st Bn., 2nd Regt. He saw action at the Helena 215 Uprising and received the Purple Heart for wounds received during the fight. During the Tientsin Campaign, Steele was promoted to Captain and was placed in charge of the 14th MAU and deployed to Linna 349 where he served two consecutive tours. He was promoted to Lt. Colonel in 2175 and was assigned as Commanding Officer of 2nd Bn., 9th Regt. Steele is well respected by his Marines; They know there is nothing he would ask of them that he wasn't prepared to do himself.