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Biological information
Host name
Host type Human
Status Alive
Physical description
Class Soldier
Behind the Scenes information
First appearance Aliens: Music of the Spears - Issue #1
Last appearance Aliens: Music of the Spears - Issue #4
Portrayed by

Ol' Blue is a nickname for a Xenomorph Soldier that was used by MedTech Security Chief, Phillip Rice as a "bloodhound" to track down a Xenomorph egg that was stolen from MedTech.


After a group of ninjas led by Ahiro infiltrated MedTech and stole a Xenomorph egg, Phillip Rice led a small security team to track down the egg, as well as the culprits. Rice selected Blue to rely on it's sense of smell to sniff out the egg's scent. Blue's body was restrained with reinforced muzzle and cuffs to prevent it from harming any civilians during the team's investigation in the streets of Manhattan. Unfortunately, Blue mistook the pheromone emitted from a Xenomorph Jelly drug being sold by a dealer nearby as a pheromone from a rival hive member, triggering Blue's territorial instinct. Despite being heavily constrained, Blue manages to escape. Blue tracked down the source of the Jelly pheromone and killed both the dealer and the buyer, Rice was able to recapture Blue and fled back to MedTech's security headquarters before there were more witnesses.

Before heading out to locate the egg, Rice installed MedTech's most powerful anesthetic, Surgealyn onto Blue's restraints to sedate Blue in case it reacts aggressively again. Blue was eventually able to locate the egg's scent, which led the team to Synsound's building where they discover it was Synsound that was responsible for stealing the egg. Rice administered a small dose of Surgealyn to calm Blue down and had it locked in a cage until they dealt with the situation. Rice and his team headed upstairs and killed Mozart, the Xenomorph that hatched from the egg, Rice later killed Ahiro as well and confronted Brangwen about the egg. With the mission completed, Rice and his team took Blue back and returned to headquarters.