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Nostromo Wreckage or "WormholeLevel01" is one of 2 Maps in the Dvarka Deepwood Realm.


A brutal, industrial interstellar cargo ship, where human life takes a backseat to cruel efficiency. Death lurks around every corner of its labyrinthine decks. From the well of Ripley's memories, a grim and hopeless realm manifests into a terrifying nightmare.


The Nostromo[]

The wreck of the Nostromo is the main landmark on the Nostromo Wreckage Map.


The Nostromo contains up to three Generators. Two of them are guaranteed:

  • A Generator in the Mess Hall.
  • A Generator at the very back of the left wing of the ship.

The third Generator can spawn beside the right wall of the ship in the middle of the right wing hallway next to a Window or drop.

The Nostromo contains a Chest in the Mess Hall.

The Nostromo potentially contains a Totem.


The wreck of the Nostromo is a large single-story building potentially containing a staircase leading to the Basement on the outside.

It has plenty of Windows, drops, and three ramps leading into it.

It is comprised of a portion of the wreckage of the USCSS Nostromo commercial freighter.

The Narcissus[]

The Narcissus Space Shuttle is a secondary landmark on the Nostromo Wreckage Map.


The Space Shuttle contains two Lockers.

The Space Shuttle potentially contains a Hook outside of it.

The Space Shuttle contains a Pallet against the back wall of the shuttle.

The Space Shuttle potentially contains the entrance to the Basement.


The Narcissus is a small structure potentially containing a staircase leading to the Basement.

It is envelops the remnants of the space shuttle of the same name which Ellen Ripley detached from the Nostromo in order to escape the impending explosion.

The shuttle features four entrances and sits at the corner of the Map.

Easter Eggs[]

Coolant Vent Trap[]

The wreck of the Nostromo features two coolant vents that have a broken pipe sticking out of the top, which act as environmental traps that are already armed when loading into the Map.

The vents themselves are draped in the same yellow cloth draped over some of the less-obvious vault locations in other Maps, marking the vents as interactable Props to Players.

Nearby the vents, there is a control panel with a red lever and a series of LED lights above it.

Survivors can interact with the lever and perform the Reset Pipe action, which resets the trap, indicated by a green light turning on on the vent itself once it is armed.

In this armed state, the trap will trigger when a Player crosses the area in front of the vent, releasing a burst of vaporised coolant liquid shortly afterwards, which will momentarily, but significantly, slow down any Player it hits.

Ideally, this trap is used in a Chase against the Killer, with the chased Survivor triggering the trap and the Killer, chasing after them, taking the brunt of the attack.

This interaction can be seen in the official Trailer for CHAPTER 29: Alien, in which Ripley uses this trap to slow down The Xenomorph chasing after her.

This interaction also features two special Score Events: Turn Down the Heat for resetting the pipes and Let off Some Steam for triggering the trap.

LED Lights[]

The environmental trap cycles through how many charges it has each time it is reset, indicated by the colour of the LEDs above the lever:

  • 2 Charges mean the trap can be reset immediately after it is triggered.
  • 1 Charges mean the trap must first recharge after it is triggered.
Left Stack Right Stack State
red, blinking to

red, static

red, blinking to

green, static

Reset action is charging to 1 Charge.
red, blinking to

green, static

red, blinking to

green, static

Reset action is charging to 2 Charges.
red, static green, static Reset action has 1 Charges.
green, static green, static Reset action has 2 Charges.


When Survivors attempt to enter the Map's Lockers, there is a chance that a ginger cat jumps out of it, loudly meowing at and jump-scaring the Survivor.

The cat will run away from the Locker and dissolve into smoke and embers, revealing it as a creation of The Entity.

The cat is the Entity's version of "Jonesy", Ripley's pet cat on the Nostromo that the Entity had picked from her memory when creating the Realm.

Facehugger Jump-Scare[]

The right wing of the Nostromo features a closed-off room with a large window allowing Players to look inside it.

When a Survivor comes too close to the window, a "Facehugger" can jump onto the window and screech, jump-scaring the Survivor.

"Facehuggers" are a parasitoid form of the Xenomorphs and hatch from the Ovomorphs.

Their sole purpose is to inject a "Chestburster", the infant form of The Xenomorph, into their victims.

Mother Secret Room[]

The Nostromo Wreckage Map spawns the dead body of a cosmonaut in a random location.

Survivors can walk up to the body and retrieve a special Limited Item from it, the Keycard.

Inside the left wing of the wreck, there is a control panel into which the Keycard can be inserted to perform the Hack Terminal interaction.

Hacking the terminal requires inputting the Player's keybinds for Left, Down, Up, Right, in that order.

Doing this successfully unlocks nearby airlock doors, revealing the Secret Room.

The Secret Room actually houses "MU/TH/UR 6000" (affectionately nick-named "Mother"), an AI computer mainframe on-board the Nostromo.


  • The Nostromo Wreckage is the first Map to have a map-exclusive interactable Prop (i.e. the Coolant Vent Traps), as well as a map-exclusive Item (i.e. the Keycard Limited Item).
  • The Nostromo Wreckage is the second Map to feature an unlockable Secret Room containing a special Chest since the Clock Tower Secret Room in Midwich Elementary School.
  • The Exit Gates on the Nostromo Wreckage Map have largely predictable spawns (described from the Map outline's perspective with the main building at the top):
    • One of them will spawn along the straight wall segment on the left side of the Map.
    • The other one will spawn along the top half of the long, straight wall segment on the right side of the Map.

Mother Secret Room[]

  • The terminal located inside the Mother Room displays the prompt Ripley had input into the MU/TH/UR 6000 mainframe when she wanted to get her own answers when Ash seemed to be apathetic and uncooperative when it came to neutralising The Xenomorph aboard the Nostromo.
    • The texture for the terminal refers to the "Father Room Scene". While "Father" does exist as FAR/TH/UR 2600, an AI computer mainframe analogous to MU/TH/UR 6000, the former is actually aboard the Auriga, not the Nostromo. This is likely a deliberate reference to Alien: Resurrection, in which "Father" appears, as the texture of the control panel used to unlock the room refers to "Mother".