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Nina Taylor was a Weyland-Yutani executive investigating the circumstances behind the Nostromo Incident. It aimed to collect data on the xenomorph on board the station.


During the crossing with the EVA cable, Taylor ended up being injured and was welcomed by Samuels when they entered the station. She and Samuels were later received by Amanda, who in turn took charge of collecting medical supplies to treat her colleague's injury. When Amanda returned with the medical kit, the three were approached by Marshal Waits and his assistant Ricardo, as soon as Amanda reactivated the transport to the Solomons Habitation Tower, Taylor could finally be taken to a bed in the Marshals' security office where she had a rest .

When Taylor woke up, she recovered from her injury, but when she remembered her goal there as an executive, she went to interrogate Marlow who informed him that it contained the data about the creature she found with her team. Believing in the captain's story, she freed him from his cell and was thus guided by the man to Anesidora according to the deal. But once inside the ship, Taylor discovered that it was all a deception and that Marlow had taken him hostage until Amanda arrived on board. When Marlow started overloading the ship's reactor, Taylor managed to knock him out and soon after helped Amanda cancel the reactor overload, but the effort was in vain when she learned that Marlow forced an extra overload on the reactor. And Taylor ended up dying when she was thrown with extreme force against a wall with the explosion of the reactor.