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Milburn was a biologist who traveled aboard the USCSS Prometheus on its voyage searching for the origins of humanity and possible extraterrestrial life on the moon LV-223.


Milburn was hired by the Weyland Corporation to partake in an expedition aboard the USCSS Prometheus to the distant moon LV-223. After spending two years in hypersleep, Millburn along with the other crew members were awaken. While the crew members were having breakfast, Millburn approached Fifield to offer his friendship to him, only to be coldly rejected by the latter. As the Prometheus nearly arrives on LV-223, Vickers, Shaw and Holloway briefed the crew on their mission to find the Engineers. Once the Prometheus lands on LV-223, the team (consisting of Shaw, Holloway, David, Ford, Jackson, Fifield and Milburn himself) explores a large artificial structure nearby. While inside the temple, the team came across a water-related terraforming system that made the air within the temple breathable. As the team made their made it deeper into the temple, David activates the temple's hologram, which led them to the corpse of an Engineer. Millburn later separated from the others and followed Fifield further into the temple. Due to a rapid windstorm, the team were forced to return to the Prometheus. Milburn and Fifield, however were unknowingly left behind and had no choice but to stay in the temple until the windstorm calms down.

While inside the temple and coming across dozens of Engineer remains, Fifield fills his suit's own respirator with tobacco, which Milburn finds amusing. The two soon encounter two Hammerpedes that emerged from the black liquid. Fascinated by the creature, Milburn tries to make contact with it, only to be attacked by the creature. It wraps round his arm, tightening and breaking it. Fifield used his axe to cut the Hammerpede's head off, resulting in his helmet being sprayed with acid causing him to fall into the black liquid which catalysed the melting of his helmet. The Hammerpede regenerated its head and climbs into Milburn's suit. It then proceed go down into his throat and kills Milburn. His body was later by the team that was sent to rescue him, with the Hammerpede emerging from his body.