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Michael Bishop (credited as "Bishop II") was an employee of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation who served as a synthetic component designer and engineer for the company and was dispatched to Fiorina 161 to retrieve Ellen Ripley from the Fiorina 161 Correctional Unit.


Michael first arrived on Fiorina 161 being escorted by a "rescue team" that was sent by the company after Francis Aaron had contacted them regarding the Xenomorph's presence there. After the Runner Xenomorph was destroyed by Ripley, he tried to convince the Lieutenant to come with him and have his team of doctors remove the Queen gestating in her. Bishop was assaulted by Francis Aaron with a wrench and nearly had his ear ripped off. The commandos shot and killed Aaron for the incident. Michael then shouted that he wasn't a droid; rather he created a snythoid in his own image and that he was ordered to accompany the rescue team as he would have been a familiar face to Ripley. Michael then let his cover slip telling Ripley he must have the creature and told her "think of all they could learn from it". Ripley refused to go with Bishop and committed suicide by gracefully falling into the molten lead of the foundry. Michael shouted out, but to no avail. He left with the team and the last survivor of the incident, prisoner Robert Morse.

Despite having to fail in retrieving the Queen embryo from Ripley, Michael decided to board the USS Sulaco to figure out its previous destination in hopes of locating the Xenomorph hive on LV-426. Michael and his research team manage to locate the hive within the ruins of the Hadley's Hope colony and established a research facility and began to capture Xenomorph specimens for research purposes.

Personality & Traits[]

Michael was known to be manipulative; particularly when he was sent to Fiorina 161 to "rescue" Lt. Ripley, stating that he wanted to destroy the creature inside her and that he was going to take her home. His bluff was called when Ripley; determined to destroy the creature in her and keep it out of the company's hands commited suicide to end it. Michael pleaded with her that it was a magnificent creature and he "must have it" revealing his selfish nature.


  • Michael was credited as "Bishop II" in the film.
  • It has been highly debated among fans that Michael may in fact be just another android like Bishop albeit a more advanced model.
Reasons for human status include:
  • Michael claims his human status to Ripley.
  • He bleeds red blood.
  • He shows emotion in response to Ripley's decision to kill herself along with the Queen embryo.
  • It could be possible that the ear which come off is some form of plastic surgery or a fake ear, as Bishop objects to a press photographer taking a picture off him with his ear hanging off. However, this point could also work to prove he is an android.
Reason for android status include:
  • The cast list in the credits and dialogue from characters on screen give him no actual name; the credits list him as simply "Bishop II".
  • Although he claims his human status on screen, he has lied to Ripley about other things as well.
  • His red blood could be colored circulation fluid.
  • He survived a wound that would have quite possibly killed a human of his physique.
  • In an interview with Lance Henriksen by Steven Horn, the studio at the time kept the issue open as to whether Bishop II was human or android because they did not yet know what they would do with his character in the future. Henriksen believes Bishop II was an "advanced model" android. The link for the interview can be found here: Click here