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Rank Technician
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Gender Male
Species Human
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Presumed Deceased

Behind the Scenes information
First appearance Aliens: Book One (only appearance)
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Maris was a technician living in the Lima area on Earth. He was contacted by a man named Salvaje to share his message about his "Messiah", the Xenomorph, with the world. After a few sessions of uploading Salvaje's message about his and some questioning from the Terran Government, Maris confronted the cultist on what made him so dangerous. After "accidentally" bumping into an acquaintance, Gerard, that happened to work with Salvaje and getting a recording that fueled Salvaje's quest to unleash the Xenomorphs.

Shortly after that, Maris was taken into custody by the Terran Government and was questioned by two agents on Salvaje's whereabouts and his activities. After being injected with a truth serum and willingly divulging information to the agents, the interrogation was viewed by a Doctor Orona. Maris was likely disposed of by the Terran Government as it was mentioned by his interrogator that some of his organs would be donated to the organ bank, while they will burn the rest of him.


  • In the reissue and adaptation of Book One, Maris' name was changed to Pindar.