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Lucy Jordan was the Captain of the deep space mining vessel DSMO Marion. She was serving on the ship above LV178 in 2159 when the miners on the planet below stumbled upon a large number of Xenomorphs deep underground in the mines. The incident eventually led to the destruction of the Marion and the loss of all but one of its crew.

Jordan was killed when the shuttle Delilah hit the Marion, its crew having been slaughtered by the Aliens.


Around a year prior to the Xenomorph incident in 2159, Jordan had become romantically involved with the Marion's chief engineer, Hoop. Although their relationship was brief, they remained close friends afterwards. During Jordan's time serving aboard the Marion, a docking accident led to the death of three miners, and as Captain, it was her responsibility to contact the families and send her condolences. The incident affected her deeply, and she did not leave her cabin for three straight days as she dealt with her grief.

When it was discovered the Samson and Delilah were inbound from LV178 carrying Xenomorphs that were slaughtering their crews, Jordan and Cornell went down to the Marion's docking bays to secure them when the shuttles arrived. Unfortunately, this put her directly in harm's way when the Delilah, its crew dead, slammed into the Marion and tore away the port docking bays. The exact cause of Jordan's death is unclear, although it seems likely she was expelled into space.