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A season pass to four packs of downloadable content (DLC) for the game, including additional campaign content, additional multiplayer maps, more character customization options, new character skins and new gameplay modes was released on Steam, the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. These new add-ons became available between March 2013 and August of the same year.

Bug Hunt[]

Available for download as of March 19, 2013, Bug Hunt features three new multiplayer maps called "Broadside", "Mercenary" and "Tribute" that are based on locations seen in the film Aliens, as well as a new cooperative multiplayer mode where a squad of Colonial Marine players face increasingly difficult waves of Xenomorph and Weyland-Yutani PMC enemies.


The second DLC pack, called Reconnaissance, became available for download on May 7, 2013. Featuring 3 new Team Deathmatch/Extermination maps called "Grief", "Shipwreck" and "Autopsy", which are based on locations seen in the singleplayer campaign of the game, a new Survivor map called "Off the Grid", located outside of the Derelict and the Weyland-Yutani Origin Facility. Further upgrades included new skins, fatalities and heads for each Xenomorph class.

Movie Map Pack[]

The third DLC pack, the Movie Map Pack, includes multiplayer maps based on locations from the Alien films. These include a new Survivor map called "Nostromo", where Marines defend themselves against Xenomorphs inside the Nostromo from Alien, a new Escape map called "Exodus" set aboard the Sulaco from Aliens, and two new Team Deathmatch and Extermination maps: "Fury 161" takes place in the Prison facility and "Processor" is set in the Hive from the Atmosphere Processor in Aliens. It became available for download on June 11, 2013.

Stasis Interrupted[]

Featuring a brand new single-player campaign called Stasis Interrupted, it tells the story of what happened to Hicks during the 17 week gap between the film Aliens to the beginning of the main game. The fourth and final DLC pack was released in July 23, 2013.

Other downloadable content[]

Several pre-order bonuses included with certain editions of the game were alter released as downloadable content for anyone to purchase.

Limited Edition Pack[]

Includes the bonus materials previously exclusive to the Limited Edition of the game. Includes Ripley's Flamethrower as a new weapon, multiplayer skins for Apone, Hicks, Hudson and Drake and more customization options for Marines in multiplayer.

Collector's Edition Pack[]

Includes the bonus materials previously exclusive to the Collector's Edition of the game. Includes two weapons — the Phased Plasma Pulse Rifle and the G2 Electroshock Grenade — as well as the US Colonial Marines Academy firing range level, where player can test their skills in shooting any of the weapons they have unlocked.

SHARP Sticks[]

Provides players with a new weapon, the S.H.A.R.P. Rifle boasted about by Private Hudson in Aliens.

Sawed-Off Double Barrel Shotgun[]

Allows players to use a Sawed-off Double Barrel Shotgun while in multiplayer.

Monster Energy Customization[]

Gives players Monster Energy-themed customization options including a Helmet Emblem, Chest Emblem, Left Shoulder Emblem and Right Shoulder Emblem for Marines in multiplayer.

Xbox 360 Avatar items[]

As a promotional item, several Xbox Live features were created to promote the game. After a brief period they were removed from availability.

Alien Pet - Queen[]

Allows a user's avatar to have an Alien Queen that is stalking them. It is scaled down to support pet requirements.


An Avatar upgrade that features two scaled down eggs and facehuggers. When triggered, the avatar will touch an egg causing both to open and the Facehuggers to emerge.

Alien Pet - Soldier[]

A scaled down version of the Soldier will stalk the Avatar.

Aliens™ Head T-shirt (male and female)[]

Promotional item for the Alien franchise. It is a Xenomorph head on a T-Shirt.


The Chestburster prop is a Chestburster contained in a tube that will break free after being triggered.

"Game Over, Man" T-shirt[]

Similar to the other promotional T-Shirt, The "Game Over, Man" T-shirt has Hudson's famous "Game over man" quote and the silhouette of an M41A Pulse Rifle.

Xeno T-shirt[]

The Xeno T-shirt is a T-shirt with the cover art of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Colonial Marines Helmet[]

The Colonial Marines Helmet provides an Avatar with a Ballistic Helmet with goggles.

Colonial Marine Combat Uniform[]

The Colonial Marine Combat Uniform allows an Avatar to wear full Colonial Marine armor including the Ballistic Helmet with goggles, body armor, and combat boots.

Colonial Marines Motion Tracker[]

The Colonial Marines Motion Tracker gives an Avatar a prop Motion Tracker. When triggered, the Avatar moves towards the movement to find the movement was an insect.