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Leonard Dillon is the religious and de facto leader of the prisoners of Fury 161. He not only leads them in prayer but stirs them to action with rousing speeches.


Encounter with Ripley[]

Dillon was one of the few prisoners who spoke to Ripley shortly after her arrival, asking her if she had any faith and reassuring her that the prisoners had faith enough to accept and tolerate anyone. He wrote an eloquent prayer which he used for the eulogy of the funeral for Newt and Hicks, which briefly caused Ripley to weep. He later reprimands Boggs and Rains for their highly negative opinion of Golic, which they display openly. When prisoners try to rape Ripley, Dillon intervenes and beats them severely with a crowbar.

Hunt for the Alien[]

After the Alien kills Harold Andrews, Dillon leads a prayer stating that "the apocalypse" is upon the prisoners. During the attempt to trap the Alien in the toxic waste dump he looks most towards the safety of the prisoners and afterward leads a sermon that acts as an ode to the prisoners who died to ensure their victory. After Golic kills Arthur and lets the Alien out, Dillon displays passionate anger towards Francis Aaron and Robert Morse, who are violently bickering. He orders Morse to get all the remaining prisoners together so they can formulate a new plan. Dillon was one of the few people that Ripley informed about the Alien embryo within her. He was disgusted with Ripley after she asked him to kill her and the alien that was inside of her. He does not comply, promising that he will sort her out in a "quick, easy, and painless" fashion once the Alien that is slaughtering the inmates is destroyed. Ripley explains to him that the Alien, if it escapes, will destroy all life in the universe. Dillon responds apathetically, stating that the prisoners have (or had) their own separate world on Fury 161.


Shortly afterward, he rallies the prisoners together to trap the Alien in the foundry and kill it by pouring hot lead on it. The strategy to draw the Alien into the mold quickly falls apart though, and he is forced to improvise a new while as the Alien attacks. After the piston is activated, he nobly faces the Alien, enticing it to attack him to keep it in the lead mold. When Ripley reminds him of their pact and begs him to kill her, he only replies "God will take care of you now". He was eventually killed by the Alien while fighting it in the lead mold, hoping to stall it long enough for Ripley to pour the lead. He was killed by the beast moments before the area was filled with molten lead.

Personality & Traits[]

Dillon had a history as a murderer and rapist of women, but like the remaining prisoners, he somehow managed to find God while incarcerated. He acts as an unofficial religious consultant for the other inmates and tries to keep the peace between them, attempting to appease Rains and Boggs's misgivings over Golic, and violently beating the men who attempt to rape Ripley.