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Larry Purvis was one of the many civilians kidnapped by The Betty crew to be used as host for the Xenomorphs being bred by the United Systems Military.


He was one of the many test subjects who were kidnapped for experimentation and impregnated. He was found unconscious by Ripley 8 and the Betty crew. He regained consciousness, but Ripley 8 sensed a chestburster gestating within him and advised the group to kill him before it got out. Call offers to take him along so they can freeze him in cryostasis, where they can later remove the embryo. He joined the group that managed to fight their way through the Xenomorph infested Auriga. After Ripley 8 was taken by the Xenomorphs, Purvis convinced Call that there was nothing they can do for Ripley and continued to head for the Betty. The group is ambushed by Dr. Wren and Purvis was mortally injured. While Wren was arguing with the crew, Purvis was convulsing and blood poured out of his mouth. Purvis eventually got to his feet and staggered over to the mad scientist, weathering numerous gunshots before relentlessly pounding Wren into some steel steps. Purvis sacrificed himself by positioning Wren's head to his chest so that the chestburster could force its way through his chest and Wren's skull.