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Limited Item

It can only be found on the Nostromo Wreckage Map.

  • Crouch over the body of a dead cosmonaut found in the environment and press the Interaction button to pick up the Keycard.
  • Insert it into the terminal located by the Mass Hall to hack it.
    • Perform the Hack Terminal interaction by pressing the keybinds for Left, Down, Up, Right.
    • Hacking the terminal opens an airlock door to a secret room containing a Chest.

Limited Items are consumed on use and also cannot be brought back to the Campfire after a Trial, with The Entity consuming them after leaving the Trial.


  • In the Public Test Build for Patch 7.2.0, the Keycard Item used a Med-Kit as a placeholder icon against the Limited Item background.
  • There are six possible spawn locations for the astronaut body holding the Keycard (described from the Map outline's perspective with the main building at the top):
    • Hunched over by a small rock close to the right outer wall of the Map.
    • Sat down leaning against the left side of the main access ramp to the Wreck of the Nostromo.
    • Lying down to the right of the left access ramp to the Wreck of the Nostromo.
    • Lying down to the right of the right access ramp to the Wreck of the Nostromo, past the two Lockers which spawn there.
    • Lying down to the right of a smaller crashed spaceship protruding from the Map's bottom outer wall.
    • Hunched over in the centre of the Space Shuttle structure.
  • Inputting the wrong keybinds at any point during the Hack Terminal interaction fills up the four slots of the GUI with four red Xs, closes it, and puts the interaction on cool-down for 15 seconds, during which the sound effect at the top right can be heard, it looping twice.
    • After the cool-down elapses, the short beep at the bottom right can be heard, after which one may retry the Hack Terminal interaction.