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Kevin Dodd wan an inmate serving time on Fiorina 161.


He assisted Clemens with the autopsy of Newt that Ripley requested. He alerts Clemens to the odd searches Ripley is performing on the body. He later argues with David about the alien and its capabilities shortly after they witness it killing Andrews.

Later on, Kevin is one of the prisoners acting as bait to lead the Alien into the lead mold. After he closes a door, cutting himself off from the creature in the corridors, he warns everyone that the alien is very "pissed off." When the Runner eventually catches him, it pulls him onto the ceiling where Dillon eventually finds him and pulls him down. Dillon and Ripley drag him towards the furnace, but Kevin soon bleeds to death on the floor of the piston chamber. After he dies, Ripley suggests they leave the body, but the Runner quickly returns, takes the body, and causes the piston to start too early.