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Dr. Kent was a physician who resided in the terraforming colony Hadley's Hope on LV-426.


Kent treated Russ after he was implanted by a Facehugger while exploring the derelict spacecraft with his wife Anne. After Russ regained consciousness once the creature had detached itself from him and died instantly, Kent tried to convince him to stay in his office until he can figure what really happened to him. At the same time, the colonist brought in the team they had sent the night before to the derelict, all implanted with the Facehuggers. A Chestburster then violently erupts from Russ' chest while being witnessed by Kent, Anne and the others.

Kent was either killed along with most of the colonists during their last stand against the Xenomorphs or taken to the hive to serve as a host for the Xenomorph embryos.