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Ted Gillas
Biographical information

August, 2179

Rank Prisoner
Serial/ID number YY02848
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair color Bald
Eye color Blue
Chronological and political information


Behind the Scenes information
First appearance Alien 3 (only appearance)
Last appearance
Portrayed by Holt McCallany

Ted "Junior" Gillas was a prisoner who resided in the correctional unit on Fiorina 161.


Little is known about Junior, except that he was one of the 22 prisoners on Fury 161 who converted to the religion the rest of the prisoners follow. His crime that got him sent to the prison was likely rape, as he along with Gregor and another (possibly William) attempted to gang rape Ripley, until Dillon intervened and "re-eductated" Junior by severely beating him with an iron rod. Junior redeemed himself of his past sins when during the mayhem of the explosion, he goes to activate the sprinkers, and the alien cuts him off from the rest of the group. Junior then looks at Ripley with remorse, and proceeds to bait the alien to follow him into the waste container. After the alien chases Junior into the container, Ripley shuts the door behind them and we hear Junior's tortured screams from inside.