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Dr. Jonathan Gediman was part of the seven-man scientific team aboard the United Systems Military vessel USM Auriga that successfully cloned Ellen Ripley in order to recreate the Xenomorph species.


Aboard the Auriga, the United Systems Military was finally able to perfectly cloned Ellen Ripley after numerous failed attempts. Under the supervision of Dr. Mason Wren and the other researchers, Gediman performed the surgery to extract the Queen chestburster and ended in success. The USM begins the repopulation process of the Xenomorphs through the use eggs produced by the Queen and impregnating the many human victims they kidnapped. While Dr. Gediman was given the duty to observe the captive Xenomorphs, Gediman begins to taunt a particular Drone who was snarling at him by playfully baring his teeth at it however the Drone uses its inner jaw to scare him off. The angered Gediman sprays the Drone with nitrogen to "teach it a lesson" and the two came to an understanding about what happens if the button is pushed.

He then witnessed the drones killing one of their own, resulting the floor to dissolve, before he could stop them the captive xenomorphs had already escaped. He enters the xenomorphs' enclosure to investigate, only to be grabbed by a Drone and taken below decks to the Queen's chamber where he is then cocooned by the Drones. When Ripley 8 is taken to the Queen, Gediman (who may have gone insane during his cocooning) is overjoyed to witness the Queen painfully give birth to the mutant Newborn. The Newborn shares a bonding moment with its mother before killing her, much to Gediman's horror. It then advances toward Gediman and bites into the top of his skull, spilling his brains.

Personality & Traits[]

Gediman is somewhat eccentric: at one point he playfully bares his teeth at a Xenomorph that is snarling at him behind a glass divider. Oddly though, he is also has a sympathetic side; he insists that Ripley 8 not be destroyed but studied, and generally treats her more like a "person". During his dealings with and on the subject of Ripley, he referred to her as a she, while Wren called her an it. He seemed to sympathize somewhat with Ripley, unlike Wren. he was also crying when the human cargo were about about to become hosts, showing that he is more moral than Wren and Perez.


  • In the novel adaptation, shortly after his death by the Newborn, a chestburster bursts from his body.