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Johner is a mercenary who served onboard the Betty.


He is first seen toying with a knife before throwing it into Vriess' leg when Call breaks it because she annoyed at his selfish flirtatious antics. Johner had a hand in the breeding of Xenomorphs on board the Auriga military research vessel, albeit indirectly. He, along with the rest of the crew of the Betty stole the hypersleep tubes of several civilians and handed them off to the scientists onboard the Auriga.

Johner is forced to fight for his survival when the Xenomorphs bred on Auriga break out of containment and infested the ship. He along with the surviving crewmembers eventually reached the Betty, but are confronted by Dr. Wren. Purvis, the survivor they rescued while venturing the Auriga sacrificed himself and killed Wren using the Chestburster gestating within him. He along with Vriess later piloted the Betty to safety and heads for Earth.

Personality & Traits[]

Johner is shown to be an alpha-male. He is abrasive and attitudinal, and shows sexual interest in Call and in Ripley 8.