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"Weapons fail. Plans fail... But Marines do not."
—John Losso[src]

John "Booker" Losso is a Lance Corporal in the United States Colonial Marine Corps. He was a part of the platoon of Colonial Marines dispatched to investigate the USS Sulaco 18 weeks after its deployment to LV-426.

In-game Bio[]

NAME: John "Booker" Losso

RANK: Lance Corporal (E-3)

SEX: Male

AGE: 26



John Losso had always had a long interest and appreciation for military history, wartime procedures, and combat tactics. He joined the USCM as soon as he was able and in only the first few weeks of Recruit Training. He became a favorite recruit to all of the instructors; He never needed to be told anything twice, his movement under fire was second nature, and his maneuvers have been described as 'simply smart'. In fact, some would say Losso was born for the Infantry. He cut his teeth during Operation Arcturan Freedom and was praised for this valor under fire. A man of few words, Losso will follow orders to the letter, without the slightest grumble or sign of discontent, The only time Losso will gripe is if you're not pulling your weight... Because when it comes to waging war, Losso is the best... And he expects the best... from his teammates to his CO to even his enemies! Losso doesn't settle for second place... It's just that simple.