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James Likowski was a pilot that worked for the Bionational Corporation, serving as the captain of the space freighter Junket. He was married to a woman named Mary with whom he had two children.


While out on a job aboard The Junket, James encountered a Xenomorph that infiltrated his ship, a Facehugger then attacked him and attached itself to his face. He was then brought back to Earth and to Bionational's San Antonio facility where the company had hoped to use the creature that was gestating in him for bio weapons research. While being unconscious, James dreamed about his entire life mixed with nightmares involving the Xenomorphs. After coming to, James demanded to be let go, complaining only of a stomach ache. The two doctors observing him, then told him about the creature growing in him and would rip through his chest killing him. James was shocked by the news of his inevitable death, and before he died, James had a dream of breaking through the facility and escaping to his wife, who transforms into a Xenomorph.

As the creature begins to rip through James' body, Bionational's Project Director, Reine enters the laboratory, wishing to witness the creature's birth first hand. Noticing that the creatures birth was taking too long and speculating that James was somehow "fighting off" the creature, Reine approaches James and scolded him for hindering the creature's birth. James, in a way got some poetic justice as the creature emerged from him attacked Reine and put Reine straight in front of his chest. The creature soon emerged and began to chew through Reine's body, killing him as well.