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B. Jackson was a security officer hired by the Weyland Corporation aboard the USCSS Prometheus during its voyage to LV-223.



Before joining Weyland, Jackson served in the EU/UK armed forces. Jackson was hired by the Weyland Corporation to provide security aboard the USCSS Prometheus during its voyage to the distant moon LV-223. After spending two years in hypersleep, Jackson along with the other crew members were awaken. As the Prometheus nearly arrives on LV-223, Vickers, Shaw and Holloway briefed the crew on their mission to find the Engineers. As the team prepares to explore the planetoid's surface, Jackson arms himself with a flamethrower but is ordered to not do so by Elizabeth Shaw under the rationale of it being a research mission only, to which he hardly complies.

Jackson along with Vladimir, Sheppard and Taplow and two security androids later attempted to kill Fifield who has been mutated by the black liquid and was running rampant at their ship's hangar bay by shooting him multiple times with pistols, but the mutated Fifield proves to be too agile, fast and resilient. Jackson finally manages to mortally wound him with a shotgun. Jackson later escorted Peter Weyland and his team to meet the Last Engineer within the temple. As Shaw tried to warn Weyland about the Engineer, Weyland ordered Jackson to silence her, which he did by hitting her with the weapon's folding stock. After Weyland was attacked by the Engineer, Jackson attempts to kill the Engineer with his weapon but it was not enough to stop it. Jackson is beaten to death by the Last Engineer while trying to reload it.